Nanosilver and Harry Watson

When Harry Watson was 77 years old he had prostate cancer, but it was taken care of by conventional means.  Eight years later, at age 85, he learned that the cancer had migrated to his abdomen and he had a tumor.  It was now a very aggressive form of cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei, associated with the production of a lot of mucous-like fluid.  Doctors did what they could, but gave him only months to live.

With just one month to live according to their timetable, Harry started taking nano-silver, along with baking soda, and recovered quickly. When friends asked him to get some for them, he gave away his last bottle, and when he started researching on the internet, found it was very expensive from available sources (up to $8000 a bottle in one case).

Finally he located a company that could manufacture a unique form of nanosilver using proprietary processes, resulting in a very high quality nanosilver, and negotiated exclusive global distribution rights so he could control pricing and make it easily affordable.

Harry being an exceptionally energetic and robust individual, he assumed he was totally free of cancer and stopped taking the nanosilver.  A doctor visiting from India warned him not to stop taking it, but Harry was preoccupied with business matters, and did not resume taking it.

Well, at age 87 it came back with a vengeance, and when the docs opened him up they drained him, quickly sewed him back up and declared this 87-year-old simply was not going to make it.  One doctor who really liked Harry came by to pay his respects, saying “I’m sorry, but this is the last time I”ll see you, Harry.”

Harry’s wife Donna tried to tell the head oncologist about nanosilver and “the power of prayer,” but the doctor would have none of it.  He quickly brushed her comments aside with, “I’m the expert here.  Listen to me.” He gave Harry only a short time to live.  Harry then researched this cancer on the internet and found that the only treatments suggested were very harsh, with little chance of success.

Very sick at this point, with terrible pain, coughing and tightening of the abdominal muscles, Harry started taking the nanosilver again, one ounce three times a day with a teaspoon of baking soda.  Amazingly, on the morning of the 4th day, he woke with no pain.  In a few weeks he felt totally better and got back to work full-time!  That was 4 years ago, and Harry is now 91, as energetic as ever.  As you might expect, he also takes a small amount of  nanosilver regularly.

Approved by the FDA as a supplement, Harry makes no claims whatsoever for Precious Waters Nanosil 10 nanosilver.  It is essentially nano-sized flakes of pure silver in distilled water that have undergone some sophisticated processes, so that they have a uniquely high surface area to mass ratio and a specific positive electrical charge.  Unlike traditional colloidal silver, it does not stay in the system or lead to argyria, a discoloration of the skin.

Through contacts in Africa, Harry has made his brand of nanosilver available in Kenya, where a clinical trial was completed in 2012, partially sponsored by The Gates Foundation.  The study conducted by doctors used PW Nanosil 10 nanosilver along with three drugs.  It was conducted on about 400 people who had either cancer, HIV, TB, malaria or some other disease, and the rate of cure (no traceable viral load) was remarkable at more than 80%.

The results were so remarkable, in fact, that the government of Kenya demanded a second trial that they sponsored themselves.  Again, the results were so remarkable that the government eventually, in November 2013, approved spending over $2 billion to treat 1.7 million people with HIV in Kenya, using the three drugs plus Precious Waters brand Nanosil10 nanosilver.

Other governments in Africa are interested and have inquired, including Nigeria, Uganda, and Congo.  In subsequent posts I will keep you informed of any new developments in Africa and share some anecdotes about people who have taken nanosilver over the past few years.  Please remember, though, that no claims whatsoever are ever made for Precious Waters brand Nanosil 10 nanosilver, by Harry , by this blog, or by Precious Waters.

  1. Ruth Lange said:

    I know Harry personally, and he is now 91, and going strong! My husband has been treating his prostate cancer with the Precious Waters and soda, and his oncologist just commented to him last week “I can’t believe you’re 81 becuase you loo so healthy!” This stuff works, and the price is affordable!

  2. jackal said:

    where is it available in kenya. wonna hug some

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