A few anecdotes

Here are a few anecdotes, two fairly recent, one older, about people who took Precious Waters Nanosilver.  No claims made, no cause-and-effect, but interesting stories nevertheless.

Harry’s daughter Theresa recently had an undiagnosed infection in her right elbow that was quite painful, felt hot, and was growing fast.  she started taking the nanosilver and in just 4 days it was gone.

A woman in North Dakota had diagnosed Stage 4 hepatitis C.  She took the nanosilver aggressively — 10 bottles in 38 days.  After that, she was back to running her restaurant and helping her husband paint the back stairs.

A 67-year-old fellow in Illinois a few years back had advanced prostate cancer and was sent home to die.  In April he started taking the nanosilver, and he took it for a few months.  He talked with Harry at Christmastime, and had just come back from his full-time job on a construction project.

There are lots more stories like these, and I’ll share them regularly.  But they are not a claim that nanosilver cures or helps anything.  Just interesting stories, no claims made.



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