Cancer & HIV anecdotes – one leads to clinical study in Kenya

Here is a message from the doc in Kenya.  He had photos in his communication, but there are none here.  They show a remarkable difference in appearance.

When the 2nd lady mentioned here (understand she took only nanosilver, but not sure) went to a meeting in Africa of The Gates Foundation, she told them about how she improved, and as a result they sponsored the first of the clinical trials in Kenya, along with the government, using three drugs and PW nanosilver.  That first trial  was mainly HIV and cancer patients, and apparently something like 360 of 420 people showed marked improvement or no viral load at all.

When this was published in a Nairobi newspaper, 4200 people put a deposit down so they could get treatment.  But the government insisted on another trial, involving more types of diseases.  Apparently it included people with 6 different kinds of cancer, HIV, malaria, ringworm, parasites, TB, and even stress.  Results have not been published, but indications are that more than 85% of them improved.  As I understand it, this was not just nanosilver, but antibiotics in combination with  Precious Waters brand nanosilver.  Currently, it is the only brand of nanosilver that can be imported into Kenya, because the docs know its quality.

As always, no claims are made or implied for Precious Waters nanosilver.  These are only interesting anecdotes, one of which led to a clinical study.

—- Forwarded Message —–

From: Joseph

To: Charles

Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2011 8:33 AM

Subject: RE: NanoSil testimonials


Hope you’re well. Further to our conversation, i have attached three pictures of the same lady (Alice) who’s been using our product after having gone through a severe form of cancer called Acitis of the stomach. The picture bearing two images shows her (Right side picture) was taken before she got sick. The one where she’s bald (Left side picture) was taken when I met her in May 2011 while going through Chemotherapy at Upper Hill Medical center (Nairobi Radiotherapy clinic) one of the leading hospitals in town.

This picture to the right was taken right in our offices in town on Tuesday the 4th October 2011.

This is the kind of life changing scenarios we are having with Precious Waters. It’s humbling.

The last picture here to the left is of a lady (Lucy) who’s been battling HIV/AIDs for over 19 years and she has been on ARV’s for over 10 years. Her CD4 count has never been past the 400 mark and after taking Precious Waters NanoSilver for a month, her current CD4 count is 829. She did not have hair for over 3 years and her head was bald as a man’s. This is a huge improvement considering that she can now conceive a baby as she’s free from the risk of transmitting the disease to her new born child. Her viral load has drastically dropped to barely traceable levels.  I will be sending over her previous photos when she didn’t have hair for over 3 plus years due to fungal infections. Regards


Managing Director

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