Nanosilver flyer

Here is the nanosilver flyer (without the picture of the bottle).  As noted previously, it is only approved as a dietary supplement, and no claims are made that it directly affects any diseases whatsoever.  Customer testimonials are just anecdotes, nothing more.

Totally Safe, Effective Pure Anti-microbial Nano-silver Internal Immune Support Product PRECIOUS WATERS™

NanoSil-10® Solution

Scientifically Engineered 10ppm Nano-Silver Hydrosol that is:

  • Scientifically, medically, and personally proven effective
  • Broad spectrum anti-microbial immune support

–        Anti-bacterial

–        Anti-viral

–        Kills & inhibits yeast & fungus growth

–        Anti-inflammatory

  • “Over the counter” dietary supplement – non-pharmaceutical
  • Non-toxic even at high dosages of 50+ times the recommended amount
  • Tested for Safety, it is a cost-effective supplement to traditional therapies
  • Optimum embodiment of Silver’s historical benefits
  • Effective on external (topical) as well as internal afflictions
  • Long shelf life making it a useful component of emergency preparations 

PRECIOUS WATERS™ NanoSil-10® Solution is suitable for supplementing both immediate and long-term needs and whose uses Include:

  • Effective and natural supplement for immune system support in fighting common illnesses and diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Dietary supplement to aid in fighting digestive system issues such as diverticulitis
    • Supplement to traditional and homeopathic treatments for chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, etc.
    • Support for combating opportunistic type disease organisms such as those causing MRSA, West Nile Virus, SARS, Candida infections, etc.
    • Internal supplement to the body’s natural response to external threats including cuts, burns, radiation, punctures, etc.
    • Pre and Post-Op Surgery/Hospital/Clinic visits to defend against potential infectious disease agents
    • Emergency kits for on-site supplemental treatment of accidents or disinfection needs 

Customers who use our nano-silver solution have recovered from devastating afflictions, often when medical treatments have failed…and they enthusiastically tell us IT WORKS!  Those who have used it on a long term basis as a general prophylactic and dietary supplement therapy report FEELING BETTER WITH AN IMMUNE SYSTEM THAT RESPONDS QUICKER TO COMMON THREATS SUCH AS COLDS AND FLU.

Precious Waters NanoSil-10® comes in a convenient 8 oz bottle.  Price is $32.50 a bottle plus

shipping and tax where applicable.  Quantity discounts are available.


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