Monthly Archives: August 2013

Word is getting around!  A group of people recently purchased 50 bottles of Precious Waters nanosilver from Harry Watson.  They distributed it to a lot of people in Vietnam.  One of them was a friend of the brother of a beauty queen, suffering from liver cancer.  A second was a fellow with colon cancer.  Both of them were “sent home to die” by their doctors.

Well, there is no cause and effect relationship claimed, but the fellow with the liver cancer has stopped bleeding internally and many of his symptoms have disappeared.  He has ordered more nanosilver!  The fellow with the colon cancer seems well on his way to recovery.

And the story is the same for many other people who also received one or more of the first 50 bottles!  This included people with HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases.  No claims made, of course, but a wonderful coincidence!

The people who ordered the first 5 bottles are also impressed by this coincidence …. to the point where they are offering substantial sums to get rights to distribute Precious Waters nanosilver in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Ghana and Mexico.  It’s always surprising the lengths people will go to based on what they observe, even though it is not sanctioned or approved by any agency, medical group or other authority.  They proceed based only on anecdotes!

Oh well, maybe there will be a happy ending anyway.


Here is an interesting anecdote.  A 65-year-old man in California was recently diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer that had spread from its primary cancer in the colon to his pancreas, alimentary canal, esophagus and lungs.  The modules on his lungs were so numerous that the doctor observing them said they were ” more numerous than the stars in the sky.”

The doctors told him they would try to get him up to 5 more years of life, but there was “no hope” of beating this cancer.  When he asked how long he might live, the answer was,”That depends on your ability to withstand chemo.”  Clearly the implication was, when his body  could no longer tolerate the chemo, he would die as the cancer took over.

Now this fellow was extraordinarily active, energetic and healthy, and the only reason he went to get checked was when he tried to swallow some liquid and found that he couldn’t swallow one gulp, but instead started retching for a full 20 minutes just for trying!

Fast forward now to the present day, when he has had 4 chemo treatments.  The doctors do not know that in addition to the chemo, he has also been taking a healthy dose of nano-silver.  The results of a scan and testing a week ago?  “Astounding!”  “Unheard of.”  This according to the doctors.  The cause of this reaction was apparently the reduction in his CEA markers from 43.5 to 7.2!!!!!!!

Accordingly, the good doctors have set a new goal — counts reduced to zero!!!!  The obvious implication?  Instead of hoping for at most 5 years, they are seriously looking at the possibility of a long life ahead for this man.

So what’s going on this weekend?  A CELEBRATION!  And why not?  This fellow says, if ever there were a reason to celebrate, this is it!  He’s up and about, working hard on the huge lawn of their home by a hidden lake, enjoying life, and about to celebrate at a nearby favorite Mexican restaurant.  Harry Watson will be joining in this celebration.

Who’s to say what caused this seemingly miraculous turnaround?  No claims whatsoever are made or implied for nanosilver, but it’s another happy story where Precious Waters brand nanosilver was involved.  Hooray!