Update on ‘No Hope” 65-year-old

Here’s an update on the 65-year-old fellow in CA who had such remarkable results by taking nanosilver along with his chemotherapy.  He took one ounce three times a day for 60 days, and the results continue to amaze the oncologist treating him, who understandably gives all the credit to the “cocktail” they developed for his chemo.

Previously his markers had gone down from 43.5 to 7.2, so the doctors expected at most that, at such low levels, the biggest improvement might be down to 7.0 or thereabouts.  Imagine their surprise when this week he was down to 6.0!  And his blood test came back perfect!

“Once in a lifetime someone comes along who reacts this way to the chemo,” one doctor told him.  “This never happens!” and “You’re one in a million!” and “You’re a miracle man!” were typical of the comments he received from the medical professionals involved.

Naturally the Chief Oncologist wants to follow and monitor him closely.  The cancer is still there, of course, but the way it is falling, there is relatively little more they can do beyond what they have been doing.  The oncologist did mention something about adding chemicals to the cocktail, but we’ll see what develops.

In the meantime this man is out working in the yard and feeling great about his health developments.  It should be noted that he is an ex-Green Beret with a positive disposition and kept himself in very good physical condition.

Still, it is quite a coincidence that the only patient these doctors ever had who took nanosilver regularly, turns out to be the “one in a million” who recovers so well.  From their original concept of providing palliative care, they are now dealing with someone they expect could live a very active life for a long time.

It was instructive that in cases like this where there is “no hope” for long term survival and Stage 4 cancer has spread to many parts of the body, he took a much larger amount of nanosilver than was previously thought necessary.  Three ounces a day for 60 days is much more than previously taken by anyone who used nanosilver.

But whatever effect it might have had, if any, it was pretty inexpensive “insurance” to get with the chemo, especially when weighed against deductibles and the cost of medical treatments these days.

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