Stage 4 Prostate Cancer at Age 60

Harry Watson received an email on 8/22/13 from Dan H in California.  Dan had purchased 10 bottles of nanosilver at the start of June, then purchased 10 more bottles on July 15th.

Dan started taking the nanosilver and baking soda, as Harry himself had done when he was supposedly near death from his cancer.  In the late August email Dan mentioned that his urologist was “visibly amazed at how well I was doing”  not too long after he started the nanosilver / baking soda combination.

Dan was determined to “be here for my wife and extend my life.”  He was 60 and she was only 47, and he felt bad about the thought of her being such a young widow.

By the time of the email, Dan said he was “feeling good and starting to look forward to significant years ahead” with his wife.

He attributes his good fortune to the nanosilver and baking soda, but of course, no claims are made.  Precious Waters Nanosilver is approved only as a dietary supplement.  It is, however, another happy coincidence

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