Three Quick Stories

Harry had three people call him this past week with good news.  There is not a lot of detail, but it is always good to hear about people who improve when they take nanosilver and baking soda.

A lady in Mexico named Cookie was sent home to die because of her brain cancer.  A relative decided to make a documentary about her, as a tribute to a good life that the family could keep to remember her.  It was supposed to be mainly about her last days and things she might want to say in parting.

Well, the relative making the documentary is now beside himself with joy.  She started taking nanosilver and baking soda, and has dramatically improved.  She still has one tumor, but she now functions each day in many ways she couldn’t previously.  No claims of any connection are made, of course.  This is just an anecdote about one person, undocumented.

The relative making the documentary now figures it will be about a remarkable recovery, and he is eager that lots of people learn about it.

Another call was from a medical doctor in Ohio, initially very doubtful that nanosilver and baking soda could help his prostate cancer, but he asked Harry to send him all the technical information available, then ordered 6 bottles that were shipped September 21st.

A little over a week later he called Harry to exclaim “This stuff works!” and he ordered 6 more bottles.  When Harry asked why he would need more so soon, he replied that he is giving it to some of his patients.

The 3rd story is about a fellow from India, who wanted to do something to help his father with liver cancer, and he heard about Precious Waters nanosilver, so he purchased 10 bottles.  He called back this week to order 20 more bottles, and told Harry his father was much improved.

Again, no claims are made in any of these stories, and nothing is documented.  But for Harry, news about even a single person somehow making major strides in beating an illness or infection is cause for great joy.  At age 91 this month, It’s what he lives for, and feedback like this tells him he is doing what he is meant to do by making quality nanosilver available at prices so low that virtually anyone can afford it.

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