Got warts?

Warts certainly are not the reason most people choose to use Precious Waters brand nanosilver, But here are two interesting events.

Wart Since High School

A man in his 60s in Peoria IL was taking nanosilver orally for other purposes.  Since high school he’d had a wart on the top of his head, and it hurt him every time he went too close to it with a comb.  It was the size of a quarter, maybe a bit larger, he said.  At any rate, as he continued to take the nanosilver, it disappeared.

Nanosil gel spray gets it done

Harry’s wife Donna had two warts.  One large one was on the back of her hand, between the thumb and forefinger.  When she took nanosilver internally it stopped growing but did not shrink.  But when she started to also apply the nanosil gel spray, which is specially formulated to penetrate into the skin, it shrunk up and sloughed off within 5 days.

The story was the same for another wart on her hip.  It was quite large both horizontally across the skin and vertically above it.  When  she started to apply the gel spray while also taking “nanosilver 10” internally, it too disappeared in about a week.

Since viruses cause warts, it makes sense

Of course this should not be surprising.  Silver kills infections from bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Since warts are largely believed to be cause by a virus, it stands to reason silver should kill them off.

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