Music to Harry’s Ears

Harry Watson’s primary goal in founding Precious Waters was to help as many people as he could who suffer some kind of disease or infection that might be helped by Nanosil 10 nanosilver.

As noted many times, Harry makes no claims whatsoever for Precious Waters Nanosil 10, other than it is an approved dietary supplement.  However, it is always music to his ears when someone calls and tells him they are feeling better after taking it.

Yesterday Harry got a cal from a gentleman in Ocala FL, who sounded as though he was in his 60s or 70s, and who had been taking nanosilver for 5 weeks for his cancer, which was in his stomach and which was similar in many ways to the cancer Harry had, but got past a few years back with the help of nanosilver and baking soda.

This fellow had recently had an operation where the docs removed a large tumor from his abdomen and told him that he had about one year max of life left, and there was no way he could expect to recover.  His cancer like Harry’s had a lot of mucous attached to it and he had not felt well at all when he started to take the nanosilver.  Most of the time he was flat on his back.

At any rate, he called to order more nanosilver and to tell Harry that he was feeling really well, felt like he was making great progress, was no longer flat on his back as he had been, and had a much brighter outlook.

Nothing makes Harry happier than to get this kind of feedback. The fellow is due for a pet scan in the next two weeks, and hopefully he will call Harry to let him know the results.  At this point there is no evidence through scans or any other means that there has actually been an improvement, other than that the fellow feels much better.  But stay tuned and we should soon learn if the scan indicates some improvement!  As always, no cause/effect relationship is claimed.

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