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A week ago I noted that the paralyzed minister who started taking nanosilver was now able to not only move his eyes and say a few words, but also type out messages on a keyboard.  Well, these aren’t just any messages.  They are brief, uplifting messages to members of the church that Harry Watson attends.  

Imagine the difference it makes for an intelligent, compassionate person to go from being unable to communicate in any way at all, to authoring these helpful messages.  The elation was personally and emotionally shared by Jill Bolte Taylor in her book, My Stroke of Insight.  Pastor Godfrey hasn’t written a book yet, but I would guess he is very happy to finally be able to communicate his positive thoughts to others once again.  So you can get a feeling for what he is now capable of, here is his 12/8/13 message in “Pastor Godfrey’s Corner.”

“As we enter the Advent season, one of the things I am reminded of are the lyrics to that old Christmas carol, Joy to the World, “Let every heart prepare him room.”  So, how do we do that?  Well, we can take a lesson from the words of John the Baptist, who said, “Make straight the way of the Lord” (John 1:23.(ESV). And, because of our nicely paved streets, we tend to miss what this verse is actually saying, because one of the ways they made the way straight was to remove any unnecessary clutter that would get in the way.  And so, for us this means that we prepare our hearts by uncluttering our lives in preparation for Christmas.  I’m suggesting a little purge of our lives from relationships and the issues that cause interference with our relationship to Him.”

WOW!  So simple, so eloquent.  Can you imagine how Pastor Godfrey must feel to be able to get that message across?  No claims are ever made for Precious Waters Nanosilver 10, of course, but life experience for him has got to be a whole lot richer and more rewarding as a result of his dramatic improvement shortly after he started taking it.  Harry, thanks for being persistent, and for making sure he could get PW nanosilver at no cost. Read More


No one can know for sure whether a disease could develop some sort of resistance to nanosilver in the future, but to my knowledge, it hasn’t happened yet.

Catalytic / mechanical vs Chemical / biochemical

What is the explanation?  As a layman, I don’t really understand it.  But the explanation given to me is that when the nanosilver particle wraps itself around a pathogen and kills it, the process is not a chemical or biochemical one, but rather, a catalytic process, more akin to something mechanical, where the silver “flake’ wraps itself around the pathogen and kills it somehow.

The nanosilver then remains as it was, silver with a positive charge, even after it has killed the pathogen.

This would imply that the pathogen never gets a chance to change its chemical structure in some way that makes it resistant to the nanosilver.  Someone with scientific knowledge would be able to explain it better, but the important thing is, if no disease can develop a resistance to the nanosilver, that is really good news!

In my October 7 entry I described a minister who had been almost totally paralyzed for about three years, and after taking Precious Waters Nanosil 10 nanosilver for a while, was able to say hello to another person, and to move his eyes.

Well, he has continued to show improvement.  He can now use one finger to tap out messages on a keyboard and does so regularly.  He also can now roll his eyes and stare, where for three years he had only a blank look, as though he were in a stupor.