Stage 4 Prostate Cancer vs Nano & Chemo

And the winner is …. nanosilver and chemo!!!!

When Harry Watson first sent Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 to this fellow in November 2013, he was diagnosed as Stage 4 prostate cancer.  He did NOT show any improvement in November, December or January.  He and his wife were losing hope, ready to give up.  Harry urged them on, telling them they can’t just stop, and they needed to give the nanosilver a chance to work.

So they continued.  The doc involved kept changing the chemo, but the nanosilver was a constant.  Then from February to March, his CEA went from 18.3 on February 10th to 6.3 just one month later, March 10th … WITH NO CHEMO TREATMENTS DURING THAT TIME BECAUSE HIS WHITE CELL COUNT WAS TOO LOW!!!  And he’s feeling much better.

As his wife emailed Harry today, “the 6.7 shocked the doctor and he came back to the infusion room to talk with Jerry personally and tell him this was a shock to him and he had to give him the good news.”

Instead of chemo again in two weeks, the doctor wanted to wait three weeks until April 1st.  As his wife shared with Harry, “When we told him about the Precious Waters and the baking soda, he just shook his head and told Jerry, ‘Well, if you think the nanosilver and baking soda is doing this, then keep it up,’ … but he had to give the chemo drugs the credit.”

As a matter of fact, Harry doesn’t care who or what gets the credit, as long as this fellow recovers and lives a life he’s feeling good about.  This fellow and his wife give the credit to the “Great Physician Upstairs” and the nanosilver, and they are especially happy that, at 7:30 p.m., he is not even sick from the chemo.

She thanked Harry for his encouragement and for talking with her, but it is Harry who is thankful to see another person feeling better and seemingly beating cancer … and he doesn’t care who gets the credit!!!

As always, Harry makes no claims about anything, but this surely is good news!  This fellow’s wife, Margaret, praises “our awesome God,” … the doctor praises his chemo, … and we’ll praise Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 for whatever it might have done to help bring this about … but no claims are made,

Though you have to admit, this is at the least another happy coincidence!!!!!

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