The End of Endometriosis?

Until Harry Watson called this morning, I had heard of endometriosis, but have never given it a second thought, and didn’t know what it was.  I went to a women’s health website and was surprised to learn that it affects 5 million women, has no cure, only treatments, and for severe, long lasting cases one of the recommended procedures is major abdominal surgery.  Here is a description taken from the website:

Endometriosis is a common health problem in women. It gets its name from the word, endometrium (en-doh-MEE-tree-um), the tissue that lines the uterus or womb. Endometriosis occurs when this tissue grows outside of the uterus on other organs or structures in the body.  Most often, endometriosis is found on the:

  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Tissues that hold the uterus in place
  • Outer surface of the uterus
  • Lining of the pelvic cavity

Other sites for growths can include the vagina, cervix, vulva, bowel, bladder, or rectum. In rare cases, endometriosis has been found in other parts of the body, such as the lungs, brain, and skin.  (End of description from website)

So why did Harry call me?  It seems a woman in McKees Rocks PA, about 5 miles northwest of Pittsburgh on the Ohio River, heard about Harry and called him at the end of December 2013.  She told Harry that her 24 year old daughter had been suffering severe pain from endometriosis for 10 years, virtually her entire adult life, and had been under medical treatment for it almost all that time, but nothing seemed to help significantly.

She had wanted to join a military service, but she wasn’t accepted because of the endometriosis and its attendant severe pain.  She then tried attending college, but could not continue because of the pain.  The woman wanted to try Precious Waters brand Nanosilver 10, to see if it might help her daughter at least a little bit.  Any relief would be welcome.  So she ordered 10 bottles (8 ounces each).

Harry didn’t hear from her again until today, Sunday, March 23rd, which is 3 months later.  She emailed Harry, wanted to order 5 more bottles, and added “God bless you.”   Harry called her to let her know there was a price break at 6 bottles, so the 6th bottle, if she wanted to order it, would cost her only about $15 additional.  He then inquired as to why she was ordering more.

Remember, no claims are ever made by Harry or anyone else as to what Nanosilver 10 can do, other than as a support for the immune system.  It seems that starting in early January 2014, the daughter started taking 2 teaspoons of the nanosilver morning, noon and night.  For whatever reason, by coincidence or something else, the daughter’s pain lessened almost right away and soon stopped!!!!  Not only that, but there are no signs of any tumors on any of her female organs!!!

The reason the woman was ordering more at the end of March is because her daughter was accepted for military service and is reporting tomorrow.  The woman is very concerned that the endometriosis pain might return, so she wanted to be sure her daughter had a supply while in the service.  (Harry advised she might switch to 1 ounce in the morning, which might be more practical, and would ensure a slightly higher level of the silver in her system, given that 1 ounce equals 6 teaspoons.)

The doctors are dumbfounded, which is understandable, since the daughter had treatment for almost 10 years and there is apparently no known cure if the websites are to be believed.  The woman has not told them about her daughter taking the nanosilver, because she expects their reaction would be highly negative.

Harry was of course overjoyed, and so was I.  This is after all why he started the company in his late 80s — to help as many people as possible with affordable, high quality nanosilver.  He was originally thinking of cancer, of course, because he attributed his seemingly miraculous cure to the nanosilver, but he has since learned that silver has a long history for hundreds of years for fighting infections, and some believe it can somehow positively affect any disease caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus.  But again, no claims are made!!!  Still, to hear for the first time that by some happy coincidence taking nanosilver and recovering from a disease that affects 5 million women, many with severe pain, both happened at the same time, is heartening indeed!

Out of curiosity, I calculated the cost of the nanosilver for this woman on a daily basis.  The original 10 bottles cost her about $250 (prices have since gone up a bit) and she took it for about 85 days, so it cost only $2.94 per day.  Compared to the cost of many medical treatments (nanosilver is not a medical treatment, just a supplement), that seems like a pretty good bargain!  Even if it is just a coincidence (and this is only one anecdote remember), whatever the cause for her improvement, the daughter has her life going in the direction she wants, free of pain at long last!  Time to celebrate!

Harry welcomes calls and can be reached in California at 949-206-0125 or

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