Toothache and Blood in the Urine???

About a month ago a woman ordered some Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 from Harry Watson in hopes it would help her with a toothache she’d had for a long time (apparently ever since a dentist injected something into her about 6 months ago to provide something she’s supposedly lacking).  

Good news.  The toothache is gone.  

Even better news?  She’s also had blood in her urine for a long time, despite having tried a number of cures, including various antibiotics.  And now it too has gone, after just a few weeks of taking nanosilver daily.  As always, no claims or cause/effect relationships are made.  Just another anecdote where a person recovers from something and happens to be taking nanosilver at the same time.

The doctor who’d been treating the woman called Harry yesterday, but they haven’t yet spoken.  Maybe he’ll become one of those half dozen or so doctors who order bottles from Harry from time to time.

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