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Most entries posted on this blog are anecdotes about people who take Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 and/or use the gel spray, and while there are no cause/effect claims made for their cure, they happen to get better from whatever ails them.  

This post, however, is about some serious science that supports the notion silver has infection fighting properties unique among metals.  If your medical doctor has told you not to try nanosilver as you are undergoing treatment for cancer, it is important for you to be aware of the following information. 

Dr. Robert O. Becker was a respected orthopedic surgeon and prolific researcher who pioneered breakthroughs in applying electricity and electromagnetic treatments for tissue regeneration, and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.  His first book, The Body Electric, published in 1985, is a classic in the field, and in his second book, Cross Currents, published in 1990, he details the promise of electromedicine and the perils of electropollution.  

On pages 163-166 of Cross Currents, he summarizes a study of the biological effects of different kinds of metallic electrodes.  He knew that the ions of metals are “positive,” so that positive voltage on the electrode repels them, and they are then pushed, or driven, into the tissues.  This results in a voltage field containing large numbers of positive metal ions that can chemically react with membranes of living cells. 

He suspected that this combination of an electric-voltage field and reactive metal ions might have unique effects on cells, so he and his team tested the effects of a variety of metallic electrodes on several different bacteria in culture, at voltage levels from very small to just above electrolysis level.  Above the electrolysis level, the positive metal electrodes killed all bacteria, but they would also have killed any human cells.  Only the silver anode killed all bacteria at voltages that would be harmless to humans. 

He pointed out they had simply rediscovered what was known for centuries, that silver killed bacteria.  But previous clinical applications used either silver foil or compounds, which didn’t penetrate the tissues.  So when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded. 

Now at the time of his experiments nanosilver, whose particles are small enough to enter cell membranes, did not yet exist.  And Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 is positively electrically charged.  So it can do what was impossible for silver foil or compounds. 

When Dr. Becker then conducted tests on patients, he learned that the electrically generated silver ion (equivalent to today’s electrically charged particles in Nanosilver 10), was doing more than killing bacteria, it was also causing major growth stimulation of tissues in the wound!! 

Amazingly, they found that the human fibroblast cells in the area dedifferentiated, so they were able to multiply at a great rate and produce large numbers of primitive, embryonic cells in the wound.  These in turn were able to differentiate into whatever types of cells were needed to heal the wound. They were turning on regeneration in human tissues … previously thought impossible. 

This led to the question, would the silver ions dedifferentiate human cancer cells?  A lack of funds prevented further exploration.  However, they did find that some human cancer cells in culture appeared to dedifferentiate when exposed to the silver ions. 

And a patient with severe chronic bone infection, who had an associated cancer in the wound, refused amputation and insisted on being treated instead with the silver technique.  After three months the infection was under control and the cancer cells in the wound appeared to have changed back to normal!!! After 8 years, when Dr. Becker last heard from him, he was still fine. 

Dr. Becker pointed out that this was an electrochemical treatment, not simply electrical, and he surmised that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect to some receptor group on the surface of the cancer cell membrane, and that once that connection was made, an electrical-charge transfer sends a signal to the nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the primitive-type genes, and the cell dedifferentiates!!! 

This last sentence is in direct contradiction to what a highly respected oncologist at a major cancer center told me in answer to my question.  She emphasized that cancer cells can never become normal cells.  Now she is a brilliant oncologist whom I greatly respect,  who has directed the remissions of thousands of patients like me using chemotherapy and radiation, but she was not aware of Dr. Becker, his books, or his research.  

That is understandable, of course, since oncology has focused on chemo, radiation and surgery exclusively, and electromagnetic or electrochemical modalities are not something practitioners are generally aware of.  But if one discourages you or someone you know from using nanosilver, understand they mean well, but especially in those instances where they are not able to send the cancer into remission with their treatments, also understand there is a lot they simply do not know.


Last week you saw a post about a fellow who took both Nanosilver 10 and the nanosilver spray gel after being diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma.  He’s the leader of the Bible study group at Harry Watson’s church.  Now he’s provided a testimonial, and he’s happy to have his name attached to his statement and put up on this blog.  Harry has the original signed copy, but here is his statement:

April 12, 2014 


My name is Paul Marks.  I am 71 years old and was diagnosed with Merkle Cell Carcinoma in January of this year.  I discovered a cyst on my upper lip which was biopsied for the diagnosis of Merkle Cell Carcinoma. 

I have a weak heart and weak lungs.  For those reasons, I decided against the surgery and radiation treatments that were recommended by the doctors. 

Through a friend I was aware of Precious Waters and of the success some had as a treatment for cancer.  I have been taking the nano silver (Precious Waters) for over two months. 

On April 8th I saw an Oncologist for the first time.  He looked closely at my lip and stated, “There is no malignancy on your lip.”  The Merkle Cell cyst was gone after two months of taking Precious Waters.  I can only conclude that this resulted from a miracle by God or the Precious Waters…or both. 

This is my testimony.

That’s a simple, straightforward statement, but please remember, Harry never makes any claims about nanosilver.  It is approved as an immune system support only.  However, this man’s testimony should be interesting to anyone with melanoma or any other aggressive skin cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter.

A respected MD in California was so impressed by the one of his patients who used nanosilver that he has inquired with Harry about buying it in large quantities and even selling it under his own private label.  He had been treating a woman for years who had blood in her urine.  When she took nanosilver for a toothache, in just a few weeks she also stopped having blood in her urine.

This physician is an MD, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP), a national organization of internal medicine physicians, and a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (FACAAI).  He has a large and loyal following of over 800 patients, Harry has been told, and he originally ordered 20 bottles after seeing how quickly this woman recovered.

Now he is so enthused about how many patients he might help if they were to take nanosilver, he has inquired about ordering it in large quantities, large enough to have his own private label.  

This is important because if anyone wants to try Precious Waters Nanosilver 10, but hesitates to tell their doctor, or is told by a doctor not to try it, they can tell their doctor about this.  If that doctor wants to contact this physician, he or she can call Harry at 949-206-0125.  At this time Harry does not have permission to provide the doctor’s contact information, but he might be able to arrange for a private discussion.  As always, Harry makes no claims for nanosilver, other than it is an FDA approved immune system supplement.

Nanosilver!  By a knockout!

Harry got very good news last night.  He really likes the leader of the Bible study group at his church, and considers him an outstanding leader and scholar, as well as a very warm and encouraging person.  About a month ago this fellow, who is age 70, was diagnosed as having a rare skin cancer that is considered deadlier than melanoma by many. You can read about it extensively at the NIH / National Cancer Institute website, and here is the link:

As you can see on the site, suggested treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  In this  case, the visible evidence of it was a peanut-sized (n the shell) growth below the nose that was pink to grayish purple in color.  The surgeon who intended to operate told this gentleman that he would have to remove his upper lip, part of his nose, part of his jaw and surrounding facial tissue, and some lymph nodes, but that he shouldn’t worry because with artistic rebuilding with pigskin, he’d look fine.  Of course, chemo and radiation would also be part of the treatment after the surgery.

At age 70, this man figured he’d rather not go through all that, and knowing of nanosilver, he decided to try it.  He and Harry decided he should use both the spray gel externally and the Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 internally.  What happened?

Well, no one can say it was due to the nanosilver, but once again, in the same month that he took it, this fellow went back this week to the oncologist who had biopsied and diagnosed him initially, and the oncologist could find no trace of the carcinoma!  He wants to biopsy him again in 3 months to determine if there is any trace of it in his lymph nodes.  

As you can see from the NIH site, this kind of sudden recovery is not known to happen, especially not in just a month.  No claims are made that nanosilver had anything to do with it, but it’s another happy coincidence.  There is a correlation, but no proof of causation.  PW Nanosilver 10 is just an immune system support, nothing more.  But Harry and the entire church are very happy that this revered fellow will by all appearances be around for quite some time yet, and they’re very happy he decided to try the nanosilver.

You have to wonder if some people with the much more common melanoma, if they tried PW Nanosilver 10 and spray gel, might enjoy the same happy coincidental circumstances.  It would be nice, even if no cause/effect relationship is there, or if it’s due just to a placebo effect.  Harry’s goal of helping as many people as possible would be furthered regardless.



Harry Watson’s wife Donna recently typed up some old testimonials from people who had used Nanosilver 10 or the spray gel for a variety of illnesses — more than 20 of them, spanning shingles, candida and psoriasis to Crohn’s Disease, wound healing, sinus infections and more.  They are reprinted here as Donna keyboarded them, but please remember, in no case does Harry claim that nanosilver cured anything.  All of them, except for the two dogs, could just be the result of the placebo effect.  These are only anecdotes, nothing more.  Some of them might be repeats of testimonials in my old blog, but they are all interesting nevertheless.  Here they are:

  • I ordered one bottle of Precious Waters on March 6, 2010.  I was willing to try anything to help alleviate the stress from Candida.  I have had this disease for four and one-half years and have tried every known remedy with no success.  I now feel the best I have felt in more than four years.  I am shocked and pleasantly surprised as to the speed with which Precious Waters reacted to my affliction.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  John W. – Chicago


  • I have recurring bouts of shingles for years.  I’ve tried all kinds of treatments with no real effective solution.  After applying Precious Waters Spray Gel topically and taking Precious Waters orally, I am now free of any symptoms, including pain and itching after the second application.  Vivian B. – Portland, OR


  • I have had psoriasis for as long as I can remember.  I am now free of any symptoms after using Precious Waters for three weeks.  Keep up the good work.  Jay R. – Arizona


  • Dear Mr. Watson, thank you for introducing me to Precious Waters.  I have had ringworm and skin infections ever since I left Viet Nam many years ago.  My skin is now clear, and I owe it all to you.  Dhac T. – Little Saigon


  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, 2010.  I didn’t start taking Precious Waters until the middle of February.  My cancer symptoms have disappeared.  Rhonda D. – Utah


  • Dear Mr. Watson, I have tried many solutions for my prostate cancer.  None of them appeared to work until I started taking Precious Waters.  After six weeks my symptoms have been mitigated, and my blood tests show a reduction in the various test measurements.  My doctor is very pleased with my progress, and we are no longer considering surgery.  Rich M. – Fullerton, CA


  • I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in early 2008.  All my symptoms disappeared after two weeks of using Precious Waters.  I since have been treated with the Precious Waters Spray Gel for second and third-degree burns with amazing results.  I will keep both the oral and the topical Precious Waters on hand the rest of my life.  Tara C. – San Diego


  • I am 59 now, and 40 years ago I had a serious road accident which left me with a scar at the side of my mouth.  This scar caused me great concern for very many years.  However, to cut a long story short, I had plastic surgery on two occasions, and this did little or nothing to remove the scar.  In fact, on the first occasion it made things worse.


Over the years I have tried many types of treatments which have offered no success.  Then I joined the Coral Connection and ordered the Precious Waters silver solution.  I thought, why not put some of this solution on my scar?  After all, I have tried nearly everything else!  All I can say is that the results are utterly astounding!  Here before my eyes, after 40 years, the scar is healing!  Fantastic!  What more I say?!  This product has got to be the best!  David Boden


  • This may be hard to believe, but the Precious Waters solution helped save our Cocker Spaniel’s life.  Diagnosed with a severe liver disease common to this breed, we were told the dog needed $3,000.00 in transfusions immediately and probably would not survive anyway.  We brought him home to rest and go in peace with us.  That was one month ago today!  Even though the veterinarians cannot explain it, we can.  We gave our dog 2 tablespoons of Precious Waters with each meal, three times a day.  He’s our little Easter Miracle!  Thank you!  Kris Viprino


  • After eating out at a restaurant I developed a case of food poisoning.  I knew what had occurred because of the severe symptoms.  After coming home I immediately took two teaspoons of the Precious Waters.  I continued taking one teaspoon in the a.m. and one in the p.m.  Within two days all symptoms subsided and have not returned.  I find this solution to be very gentle and effective.


I had the opportunity to consult with a client regarding a non-healing wound to her left leg.  The wound developed in January, 2002 and had become much worse by March, 2002.  The client had been receiving professional treatment from a wound care center here in Florida.  A variety of solutions, creams, and salves were being used to heal the area, only making the situation worse.  I decided to use Precious Waters on the area, and I am pleased to report that after two weeks the wound is closing with a scab.  I am really glad I could help, and the client is very pleased with the results.  Karen Bishop


  • Wow, I can’t believe it!  I had a terrible sinus headache which I usually get this time of the year, and it turns into a sinus infection.  Well, I had this for four days, and I inhaled Precious Waters Spray Gel this morning and, within one half hour the terrible headache was gone and has not returned all day.  My sinus has cleared and I can breathe again!  All I can say is that Precious Waters is worth its weight in GOLD!  In my experience, not even antibiotics have worked this fast.  I will never be without Precious Waters in my home!  Thanks!  Susan Carey


  • I had been having some discomfort in a tooth/gum area for about a month.  I went to the dentist and was told I had an inflamed periodontal pocket.  My dentist recommended an antibiotic injection into the pocket, but he was only 50% sure that it would help.  It would not be covered by my insurance, and it would cost $138.00.  I decided not to have it and just wait and see if it got better or worse on its own.  When I got home I was reading about the Precious Waters’ silver solution and its bacteria killing effective-ness, so I thought I would try it on my tooth/gum area.  Not having a syringe, I took a drink stirrer similar to a little straw.  I put it in the bottle, put my finger over one end, lay down and let it drip out around my tooth.  In just a couple of hours it was better!  It hasn’t hurt once since then!  Now, when I take it I just swish it around my mouth before I swallow it.  I was quite impressed and am spreading the word to all who will listen.  John Higgins


  • Nobody could have been more skeptical of Precious Waters than me.  I’ve tried hundreds of ‘health’ products that didn’t live up to their claims.  It was with these past experiences in mind I once again “experimented.”  A nasty ‘something’ was giving me a raspy throat, headache, pain in the eyes and aches in general after having felt fine only hours before.  My roommate was already miserably ill.  I remembered the stories about Precious Waters, and I had an unopened bottle, so I took a teaspoon.  Within four hours I was fine.  Just to play it safe, I took another teaspoon the following day.  The next day I didn’t, and I started to get the same symptoms.  I took a teaspoon immediately and felt better shortly.  I continued taking it for another four days.  I’ve never experienced anything like this.  I was amazed.  It worked!  Not long after that I had the experience of doctoring a pigeon with a bad wound.  The pigeon got well drinking a teaspoon of Precious Waters added to its daily water.  Then, a few days after releasing the pigeon, one of my cockatiels got sick.  It was after the pet store closed, and birds often die quickly.  I tried the Precious Waters in the bird’s drinking water, and it came around fast.  I kept it on the product a week as I do with antibiotics.  I’ll keep Precious Waters on hand from now on.                                                      Mary Davis


  • I just want to say that I’m getting more enthused about Precious Waters each month!  I am exposed to every ‘big’ from two school districts here in PA, and every winter spend 5-10 days ‘downtime’ with some variation of the flu.  For as long as I can remember—usually during January—I come down with something nasty.  However, I’ve been taking Precious Waters since October, and while everyone in my family and most of our friends have been ill this winter, I have not even had a cold!  I’m one of the world’s foremost skeptics, I’ll confess, but as the winter draws to a close and I continue to feel great, I’m becoming a true believer in this stuff.  The testing on Anthrax is another exciting aspect of Precious Waters in these perilous times, as well.  Thanks very much, and God bless you!                                                                                                              Dave Hamish – New Albany, PA


  • I want to share with you my experience with Precious Waters.  I was being treated for an upper respiratory infection and didn’t seem to be getting any better.  I had been back to the doctor twice and had my medicine change both times.  I started reading about Precious Waters and decided to give it a try.  After taking just one dose of the product I felt a whole lot better.  I took another dose before going to bed that night, and when I woke up the next morning I literally jumped out of bed and found that I was feeling better than I had in a long time.  I can’t say enough about how good this product is!                                                                  Penny Upp


  • My name is Michael Works.  I recently had a tooth ache and, since nothing worked short of pulling out all my teeth, I decided to use Precious Waters on my bad tooth.  Not only did it stop the pain, but it also took away the infection that was caused from the bad tooth.  My dentist would have given me a prescription to take away the infection, but since I used Precious Waters I didn’t need anything else.                                                                                                                    Michael Works


  • One night I had a really bad stomach pain that was just hurting really bad.  I felt like my insides were twisting up really bad.  I went to bed restless with the pain still there every time I took a breath.  When I got up in the morning feeling really frustrated, I remembered that I had a bottle of Precious Waters.  I took only one tablespoon full of the product, and ten minutes later my pain was GONE!  Coincidence?  I don’t think so!  I totally believe in Precious Waters!       Nhut H. Le


  • I was rather surprised when, after only using Precious Waters for two weeks, my teeth didn’t ache anymore.  Since a young child I have had major problems with my gums and teeth.  Periodontal pockets and bleeding gums were problems I had to deal with for literally years and years.  I am ecstatic to say my teeth are no longer sensitive to cold or hot.  They no longer bleed when I brush them, and my gums are strong and healthy.  In fact, my dentist couldn’t believe how great they looked.  I had to go in for checkups and cleaning every three months.  This last time, my dentist gave me a clean bill of health and told me to come back in six months.  He said to just keep doing whatever I was doing which is, of course, taking one-half or one teaspoon of Precious Waters.  Thank you, Precious Waters, for providing a pure quality product!                                                        Carol L. LeMert


  • I wanted to personally let you know about my experience with Precious Waters’ silver solution.  I was burning a brush pile early in the morning of September 20, 2001.  Although I was over 30 feet from the brush pile, some gasoline fumes ignited and severely burned both my legs.  I immediately went into shock.  I put ice on the burns, but incredible pain kept coming back.  I then sprayed the Spray Gel on the burns, and immediately the pain went away.  Although my legs were numb, I continued to spray the solution on the burns every 15 minutes most of that day.  Now, four months later, my legs are almost completely healed.  I initially thought Ii would have extensive scarring and possibly need a skin graft.  Now, the scars are barely visible.  I have your product  to thank for that!

David Nunn


  • This is a rather long letter about a very sick dog and your miraculous product, Nanosil10.  I am writing because I am convinced the Nanosil10 is keeping my dog alive and healthy.


Boudreaux (Boo) is a 10-year old English Spring Spaniel.  Boo contracted a “mysterious” liver ailment in January of 1999.  He underwent a biopsy and was treated with antibiotics.  The biopsy showed severe liver destruction; however, he seemed to mend and we though he would be alright.  By November, 1999 he showed further signs of illness.  For the next few months we treated him with antibiotics, but there was no improvement.  The vets then stopped the antibiotics fearing he would develop immunity.  They said nothing further could be done.  Either he would have another biopsy and possibly be treated with steroids, or we would do nothing and eventually his liver would fail.


During the next few months I agonized over what to do.  While we did nothing, Boo’s greatest danger was developing secondary bacterial infections because of his depressed immune system.  It was during this period that I frantically searched the web and every place else, looking for something to try and protect him from this danger.  That’s when a friend at work suggested Nanosil10.  I did as much research as I could to determine if it was safe for him.  The vets were NO help in answering my questions or providing any support for any type of “alternative treatment.”  In fact, they blew me off…but, having nothing to lose, I started giving the Nanosil10 to Boo in November of 1999.


In January of 2000, I took Boo back to Tech.  The head vet saw him this time, took one look at Boo and said he looked great.  He thought by looking at Boo’s overall health that we were probably dealing with a slow infection and could treat and stop the infection, and Boo could probably live on his reduced liver function for many years.  The vets did do a biopsy to confirm their diagnosis. 


I’ll never forget the afternoon they called me after the biopsy.  He was absolutely floored.  The biopsy revealed that Boo had less than 20% liver function, and by all rights Boo should have been on his death bed.  The vet had never seen a liver as damaged and a dog as healthy looking as Boo.  He said his system should have been full of bacteria, et there was not a sign of bacteria anywhere.  He couldn’t believe it.  However, his diagnosis was there was nothing we could do to prolong his life.  We’d give him steroids to make him feel better, but that my dog would be dead in a matter of months, probably from internal bacterial infections (like e. coli).  I again tried to tell him about Nanosil10, and his answer was, “yeah, sure.”


Well, guess what, it’s been 8 months and Boo’s still with us.  Oh, he has slowed down very much and doesn’t feel too good some days.  But to look at him you would never know about his liver condition.  He has not had one single bacterial problem.  Every 80 days I check in with the vets and each time they are expecting me to tell them Boo has died.  Well…not yet! 


In my mind there is NO DOUBT Boo is alive and healthy today because Nanosil10 has kept him bacteria free.  In fact, it was my ‘doubting Dave husband’ that gave it the name “Miracle Medicine.”  Oh, I know it will not cure him, but each month that he remains bacteria free is one more month I have him with me.

                                                                                                                             Deborah Burnley

No one knows for sure.  We have only one anecdote about shingles.

A few years back a woman suffering terrible pain from shingles attended one of Harry Watson’s lectures in the Portland OR area.  A thin woman, apparently she had been suffering terrible pain around her middle, had often been bedridden, and had been suffering from significant pain for 12 years.  No treatment seemed to help her.  She used the spray gel as well as the Precious Waters Nanosilver 10, and as Harry remembers, she had taken only 2 ounces of the Nanosilver 10 and applied the spray gel for only two days, and her pain was gone.

This seemed so astounding, especially since I had never thought of anyone with shingles pain using Nanosilver 10, that I asked Harry if he could please contact her to see what her current situation is, and whether the relief lasted.  Harry tried a couple of weeks ago to contact her by phone, but she has not gotten back.

So we do not know what happened over the long term, but Harry does know she got relief from the pain in just two days.  Hopefully he will be able to make contact and we’ll get an update.  At this point it is just one anecdote, but I wanted to make people aware of it if this news might possibly help even one person suffering from shingles pain.   Given the intensity of the pain people describe, and the relatively low cost of nanosilver, it’s certainly worth a call to Harry (949-206-0125) to look into it.

As always, no claims are made.  PW Nanosil 10 is FDA approved as an immune system support only.  With just anecdotes you cannot and should not claim cause and effect.  But it is nice to know that there are so many happy coincidences of people taking Nanosil 10 and getting better from something at the same time.