Can nanosilver beat shingles pain?

No one knows for sure.  We have only one anecdote about shingles.

A few years back a woman suffering terrible pain from shingles attended one of Harry Watson’s lectures in the Portland OR area.  A thin woman, apparently she had been suffering terrible pain around her middle, had often been bedridden, and had been suffering from significant pain for 12 years.  No treatment seemed to help her.  She used the spray gel as well as the Precious Waters Nanosilver 10, and as Harry remembers, she had taken only 2 ounces of the Nanosilver 10 and applied the spray gel for only two days, and her pain was gone.

This seemed so astounding, especially since I had never thought of anyone with shingles pain using Nanosilver 10, that I asked Harry if he could please contact her to see what her current situation is, and whether the relief lasted.  Harry tried a couple of weeks ago to contact her by phone, but she has not gotten back.

So we do not know what happened over the long term, but Harry does know she got relief from the pain in just two days.  Hopefully he will be able to make contact and we’ll get an update.  At this point it is just one anecdote, but I wanted to make people aware of it if this news might possibly help even one person suffering from shingles pain.   Given the intensity of the pain people describe, and the relatively low cost of nanosilver, it’s certainly worth a call to Harry (949-206-0125) to look into it.

As always, no claims are made.  PW Nanosil 10 is FDA approved as an immune system support only.  With just anecdotes you cannot and should not claim cause and effect.  But it is nice to know that there are so many happy coincidences of people taking Nanosil 10 and getting better from something at the same time.

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