Some Serious Science for Silver

Most entries posted on this blog are anecdotes about people who take Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 and/or use the gel spray, and while there are no cause/effect claims made for their cure, they happen to get better from whatever ails them.  

This post, however, is about some serious science that supports the notion silver has infection fighting properties unique among metals.  If your medical doctor has told you not to try nanosilver as you are undergoing treatment for cancer, it is important for you to be aware of the following information. 

Dr. Robert O. Becker was a respected orthopedic surgeon and prolific researcher who pioneered breakthroughs in applying electricity and electromagnetic treatments for tissue regeneration, and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize.  His first book, The Body Electric, published in 1985, is a classic in the field, and in his second book, Cross Currents, published in 1990, he details the promise of electromedicine and the perils of electropollution.  

On pages 163-166 of Cross Currents, he summarizes a study of the biological effects of different kinds of metallic electrodes.  He knew that the ions of metals are “positive,” so that positive voltage on the electrode repels them, and they are then pushed, or driven, into the tissues.  This results in a voltage field containing large numbers of positive metal ions that can chemically react with membranes of living cells. 

He suspected that this combination of an electric-voltage field and reactive metal ions might have unique effects on cells, so he and his team tested the effects of a variety of metallic electrodes on several different bacteria in culture, at voltage levels from very small to just above electrolysis level.  Above the electrolysis level, the positive metal electrodes killed all bacteria, but they would also have killed any human cells.  Only the silver anode killed all bacteria at voltages that would be harmless to humans. 

He pointed out they had simply rediscovered what was known for centuries, that silver killed bacteria.  But previous clinical applications used either silver foil or compounds, which didn’t penetrate the tissues.  So when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded. 

Now at the time of his experiments nanosilver, whose particles are small enough to enter cell membranes, did not yet exist.  And Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 is positively electrically charged.  So it can do what was impossible for silver foil or compounds. 

When Dr. Becker then conducted tests on patients, he learned that the electrically generated silver ion (equivalent to today’s electrically charged particles in Nanosilver 10), was doing more than killing bacteria, it was also causing major growth stimulation of tissues in the wound!! 

Amazingly, they found that the human fibroblast cells in the area dedifferentiated, so they were able to multiply at a great rate and produce large numbers of primitive, embryonic cells in the wound.  These in turn were able to differentiate into whatever types of cells were needed to heal the wound. They were turning on regeneration in human tissues … previously thought impossible. 

This led to the question, would the silver ions dedifferentiate human cancer cells?  A lack of funds prevented further exploration.  However, they did find that some human cancer cells in culture appeared to dedifferentiate when exposed to the silver ions. 

And a patient with severe chronic bone infection, who had an associated cancer in the wound, refused amputation and insisted on being treated instead with the silver technique.  After three months the infection was under control and the cancer cells in the wound appeared to have changed back to normal!!! After 8 years, when Dr. Becker last heard from him, he was still fine. 

Dr. Becker pointed out that this was an electrochemical treatment, not simply electrical, and he surmised that the silver ion is shaped so as to connect to some receptor group on the surface of the cancer cell membrane, and that once that connection was made, an electrical-charge transfer sends a signal to the nucleus of the cancer cell that activates the primitive-type genes, and the cell dedifferentiates!!! 

This last sentence is in direct contradiction to what a highly respected oncologist at a major cancer center told me in answer to my question.  She emphasized that cancer cells can never become normal cells.  Now she is a brilliant oncologist whom I greatly respect,  who has directed the remissions of thousands of patients like me using chemotherapy and radiation, but she was not aware of Dr. Becker, his books, or his research.  

That is understandable, of course, since oncology has focused on chemo, radiation and surgery exclusively, and electromagnetic or electrochemical modalities are not something practitioners are generally aware of.  But if one discourages you or someone you know from using nanosilver, understand they mean well, but especially in those instances where they are not able to send the cancer into remission with their treatments, also understand there is a lot they simply do not know.

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