Chronic Leukemia, Nanosilver & Low-Dose Chemo

Dave, one of Harry’s oldest and most trusted friends, who flew on his crew into Vietnam and holds a leadership position among a group of retired Continental Airlines pilots, has a son in Houston who was originally diagnosed with TB.  In his mid-30s, he was fatigued, had trouble sleeping, and experienced night sweats.  After further blood work, the doctor diagnosed him as having chronic leukemia.  It is not as fast growing and dangerous as acute leukemia, but it is a cancer nevertheless.

He was then treated at M.D. Anderson, a leading cancer hospital in Houston, with very low dose chemo, but at the same time, he started to take 1 ounce of Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 three times a day, plus baking soda 2x a day.  He took that level for about a month and then gradually reduced the amount he took.  Where his white cell count was between 400,000 and 500,000 when he started, it quickly went down, and in 5 weeks was in the normal range, about 10,000 to 12,000.  And where cancer had been found in his bone marrow, which is where this type of cancer starts, there was no sign of cancer anymore in the marrow

The doctor in charge, who did not know he was taking the nanosilver, was quite pleased.  In answer to Dave’s question as to how his son’s recovery compared to most cases, he said that while not unprecedented, it could be characterized as “fairly unexpected” on the positive side.  Dave’s son is now living a normal life, working, sleeping better and feeling much more energetic.

So did the nanosilver help?  Dave is absolutely convinced it played a major role, but because chemo was given at the same time, no one can be sure for certain.  That’s okay, though, because as we have seen in some past posts, silver has been known to make many antibiotics several times more powerful and effective than they would be alone.  The important thing is that his son is now healthy.

In that regard, Dave related another story, a sad one, about his daughter.  She was quite athletic, a triathlon participant who jogged and worked out regularly, had a degree relating to diet and nutrition, and so had above average knowledge of what it takes to stay healthy.  Unfortunately, she developed breast cancer that went undiagnosed for years, and so had spread to a Stage 4 cancer, in her spinal fluid and other places in her body, when she started treatment at M.D. Anderson.

Naturally Dave wanted her to take PW Nanosil 10 along with the chemo she was getting at M.D. Anderson, and she did so.  To Dave’s delight, her counts immediately began improving and she regained a good deal of strength.  However, when she advised those doctors that she was taking nanosilver, they told her to stop taking it, so they could more accurately measure what effects the chemo was having.  They meant well, of course, and did not know much if anything about nanosilver and the science behind it.

Being a conscientious patient and having tremendous respect for the doctors at M. D. Anderson and all they have achieved in battling cancer, she followed their advice.  Unfortunately, she was dead 9 months later.  

Who knows what would have happened if she had continued to take the nanosilver along with the chemo?  She still might have died, though Dave obviously feels otherwise.  Dave was kind to share this information, even though it was highly emotionally troubling for him to speak about it even now.  He hopes that sharing the story might help someone who is not sure whether they should try nanosilver or use it while taking chemo.  His own recent direct experience with nanosilver will be mentioned in a separate blog.

Of course, no claims are made for Precious Waters Nanosilver 10.  It is FDA approved only as an immune system support.  It is not claimed to be a cure for any of the diseases people have recovered from while taking it.




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