Vietnam Vets Should Know This

A 70-year-old Vietnam vet who was exposed to Agent Orange had severe actinic keratosis on his arms.  His skin was scaly, rough and fire-engine red according to his wife.  He had bleeding blisters.  This is the most common form of pre-cancer.  She did not want him to use the fluorouracil cream, the most common treatment, because it also destroys healthy cells, she said, when I spoke with her today.

Three weeks ago she started spraying his arms twice a day with Nanosil spray gel, which is specially formulated to penetrate the skin.  At the start, being a skeptical RN, she didn’t really think it would help all that much.

To her surprise, the affected area quickly showed no more raised areas that are symptoms of actinic keratosis, and after using three bottles of the spray gel over three weeks, she says his right arm looks almost normal.  His left arm was worse because it got more sun exposure from driving, but it too is improving dramatically.

As an aside, his younger brother, also exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam, had the same condition, but not as severe.  Still, the skin was itchy and inflamed, and the skin was rough.  He applied the Nanosil gel spray one evening, and the next day he claimed his skin was as smooth as a baby’s.  He said he couldn’t believe it.  While it’s doubtful it was that smooth, he immediately bought three more bottles!

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