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On July 20th, 2014, a woman in Huntington Beach CA called Harry and ordered 10 bottles of Nanosil. She said she was suffering from a bladder infection. On July 28th, just 8 days later, she called and ordered 50 more bottles!

With the 2nd order she explained to Harry that the pain and irritation associated with the infection ended within three days when she started taking Nanosil. She then missed a day and it started to come back. She resumed taking it and the symptoms once again subsided.

Harry suggested that she continue to take it for four weeks from the time she started, and that 10 bottles would be enough to last for that period. She wanted the 50 bottles anyway, she explained, because she wanted each of her three daughters to have it on hand, and she wanted a supply on hand for herself. As always, no claims made, just another happy coincidence.


Mary M, an athletic 53-year-old woman in southern California, played tennis regularly and was active continually, as any mother with four boys would be. In April of 2014 she experienced nausea and a headache for three days. She didn’t think much of it, but her sister, a Physician’s Assistant, became alarmed when she told her. She insisted that Mary go to the ER of the local hospital immediately, and have someone else drive her.

Mary followed her sister’s advice. Her son dropped her off, and as luck would have it, there was no one there at the time, so she was seen immediately. She felt sheepish telling the ER staff that she had become because of something so simple as a headache and nausea, but when she sat down to fill out the forms required, she immediately threw up.

She could still function normally, but the medical staff wanted a thorough checkup, including a CAT scan and MRI. Mary knew it was something serious when a neurosurgeon informed her she had a brain tumor, and they didn’t know if it was benign or malignant, so they’d need to operate. This was at 5 p.m. in the evening, and they scheduled the surgery for 11 a.m. the next morning.

The surgery was successful. They removed 100% of the tumor and some of the tissue around the borders, and she was fully functional. In fact, she recovered quickly and was out of the hospital just three days after the surgery, whereas a week or more is common.

The bad news, however, was that the tumor was a glioblastoma (GBM), the most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans, with a median survival time of just 15 months with aggressive treatment, and only 4.5 months without treatment. The oncologist put her on a regimen of 30 treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, 5 days a week for six weeks, with the radiation in the morning and a strong chemo by pill in the afternoon.

The radiation treatment was particularly challenging, since she could not move while the intense radiation was directed to her brain, and so she had to wear a “nasty” mask that was then clamped to the table. However, the staff were particularly reassuring and encouraging, which helped.

She was in only the 2nd day of this regimen when, by a happy coincidence, she heard about Harry Watson and Nanosil. A close friend of hers was talking with a teacher who told her that, despite being exposed to all the viruses and flu that kids bring to school, she never got sick because she took “silver water.” She then mentioned that the man who sells it got better from an aggressive cancer after taking it.

When the friend heard that, she urged Mary to look into it. “I know that when anyone gets cancer,” Mary recalls her saying, “all your friends and relatives will start telling you about dozens of remedies including teas, certain foods, herbs and more, but this seems different, so please call the man.” She went to the website of Precious Waters and was impressed enough to email Harry. This was on a Saturday and she didn’t expect a reply until Monday.

Instead she got a reply almost immediately from Harry telling her to “call me now.” As the coincidence continues, Mary lives in the same town as a member of Harry’s family that Harry and his wife Donna were to visit that day, and they hand delivered some bottles of Nanosil, so that Mary could get started on it right away. She did that, and was happily surprised to find that, as the weeks progressed, she suffered none of the common side effects of strong radiation and chemo. She was never nauseous or fatigued, lost only a little bit of hair, and did not develop the sores that often develop during such treatment.

Her oncologist, whom she considers outstanding in many ways, was taken back when Mary asked if she could play tennis. “I don’t have too many brain tumor patients asking me if they can play tennis, Mary,” she recalls him saying, “and I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, keep it up.” Mary not only played tennis, but also attended an athletic “boot camp” and used a treadmill regularly. While continuing to take an ounce of Nanosil three times a day, Mary also changed her diet, started drinking green tea, got off sugars and corn flour, and ate more vegetables and fruits.

After the six week treatment, the doctors waited two weeks before the next MRI. Mary continued with the Nanosil during that time. On July 9, 2014, a date Mary will always remember well, some happy doctors informed her she was “totally clear” with no trace of a tumor and the swelling having decreased substantially. Equally impressive, her white blood cell count was in the normal range, and her red cell platelets actually increased, which is almost unheard of.

The oncologist then put her on a chemo maintenance regimen of 5 days of chemo, then 23 days off. That is to continue for some months. When it stops, she will continue taking Nanosil as a preventive, because she knows this is an aggressive cancer which historically comes back.

When her primary care physician saw her recently, his mouth fell open, Mary recalls. “You’re a walking miracle!” he exclaimed. A caring doctor, he had followed her case closely and was deeply disturbed when the initial news of the GBM tumor was faxed to him. “People with this tumor wind up in wheelchairs or confined to bed, and many die quickly” he told her, “but here you are with totally normal bloodwork and looking as fit and healthy as anyone could want.”

Harry Watson will second that impression, saying that he was totally surprised when, expecting to meet a sickly woman, he met instead what he figured at first was “a bubbly teenager” full of energy. For her part, Mary had expected to meet “an old man” and was equally surprised to meet a vital, youthful and energetic 92-year-old who seemed many years younger.

Mary is thankful for all that has transpired. She said she had “the worst diagnosis but the best outcome” and attributes it in large part to the Nanosil. She gives plenty of credit to all the caring medical professionals who treated her and the chemo/radiation regimen, but she feels strongly that it was more than just a “coincidence” that her remarkable recovery and lack of debilitating symptoms so common with GBM happened at the same time she took Nanosil regularly.

She is thankful now for each day, and insists that she will be able to laugh about it all with Harry in 10 years, during which time she expects to let a number of people know about Nanosil. Harry and Precious Waters, as always, make no claims.

This is the story of Bill, a Vietnam vet in his 60s, living in the Fullerton CA area, and his wife Susan.  Susan rushed Bill to the hospital last September with pain in his groin.  He was diagnosed with a bladder infection and sent home.  Bill was put on Levofloxacin, a strong antibiotic, for two weeks, was ill through October, and could barely walk by the end of October. He went to work, but could only lay on a couch after work, not strong enough to do anything else.

Finally in early November he passed out in a bathroom, hitting his head on the floor. On November 11th his primary care doctor, at the end of a visit, insisted he get a chest X-ray on the way home. He did that, and upon leaving the imaging facility, was stopped and told that his lungs were black, he probably had TB, and that he should go immediately to the hospital.  They would not let Susan and Bill leave without wearing masks, as it was thought that Bill could be contagious.

This was a good-sized regional hospital, where he would end up spending 5 days. He was diagnosed with Bullae lung disease, a rare form of lung disease. The pulmonary doctor involved said he had seen only 8 cases of Bullae Lung Disease in 39 years of practice. It causes large bubbles (Bullae is French for bubble) to form in the lungs, making it difficult to expel air completely.

To complicate matters even more, one large bubble (the size of a man’s clenched fist) and several smaller ones were all filled with pus.  They were afraid to biopsy to determine the bacterial source, because of the risk that some of the pus infection could spill out and migrate to other parts of his body.  By the end of day 1, the only solution on the table was to remove the infected left lung.

It should be noted that, although he was never a sick person, Bill was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam as the pilot of a Medevac rescue helicopter, had a woodworking business in San Diego County for 15 years where he was continually exposed to fumes from stains and varnishes, and to a lot of wood dust. He also worked in an industry for a number of years that generated a lot of paper dust.  In addition, the air in Fullerton where they lived was of poor quality, with particle smog never clearing out, but blowing back and forth overhead. So there were several possible contributors to the source of his propensity to having lung disease.

Quickly, Bill was the talk of the hospital! Several doctors and other medical professionals were amazed that anyone could possibly have such an advanced infection AND a life-threatening lung disease and not know he even had it until the day he walked in the door. As you might expect, there were many visitors to his room, as they were all curious to see this phenomenon.

On that 2nd day, the top surgeon there, who was an Iraq vet, minced no words with Bill. After assuring him that he was the best surgeon there was for this type of surgery, he emphasized that nevertheless Bill’s chances for survival were very slim. “You might survive the surgery,” Susan remembers the surgeon saying, “but with your immune system so compromised, it’s not likely you would survive the recovery.”

Plans were put in place for the surgery anyway, since it seemed to be the only hope despite the small chance of recovery, and he was moved to the surgical floor on the 3rd day. As you’d expect, the spirits of Bill and Susan were about as down as you could imagine. After all, he’d been given what amounted to a death sentence!

At this point, an angel enters the story … in the form of a new doctor.  Susan describes him that way at any rate, claiming he was a lot like the Cary Grant character Dudley, who was an angel in the movie The Bishop’s Wife. He told Bill that his partner would no longer be on his case, and he would take over.

He was very supportive and comforting, pointing out calmly that since there was little chance of Bill’s surviving surgery, it would be a better solution to sterilize the lung. He persuaded the surgeon and the infectious disease doctor that this was the best course of action, and on the 4th day the sterilization plans were made.  He was discharged on the 5th day, to either die or survive Susan recalls, but he was to stay on an array of strong antibiotics until the infection had cleared.

Early in the 5th month, March, the doctor said he could “try” to go off the antibiotics  At the onset, infection markers in Bill’s case were off the charts and eventually moved down into the 200 range, whereas 20 is the normal range for a healthy person. The doctor told Bill and Susan that he would probably never get down into the 30s even under the best scenario.

There was nevertheless continued improvement, to 120, the 90, then 80 …. but then back to 97. Bill had lost 35 pounds, and was a slim person to start with. He and Susan were devastated, but then a March reading of 68, down from 87, cheered them. Bill had gained some weight, gone back to work, and was to come back in three months, but of course they should call immediately in case of any fever.

This was a reprieve, but there was a problem with the strength and side effects of the drugs Bill was taking. They were a category referred to as quinolones; long-term use can be debilitating.  Bill was anxious to get off them, which he did in early March.  However, several weeks later symptoms of  coughing and fever returned.  Another setback — and so the antibiotic CIPRO was administered for two weeks.  Three weeks off the antibiotics, coughing developed, and although Bill was getting pure food and supplements, he was coughing more, became pale and developed a fever.  Susan identified a repeating pattern; it seemed like things were going in reverse!  She knew that even the thought of needing another round of CIPRO would be a devastating blow for Bill.

At that time, Susan heard about Precious Waters Nanosil 10 from a friend and, call it women’s intuition or whatever, she had a very strong hunch that it would help. Bill, however, was at the end of his rope and refused to try anything new.  So convinced was Susan that the nanosilver would help, though, that in early May she ordered three bottles and started putting a teaspoon in his morning coffee and evening water without his knowing it. Seeing improvement, she then increased that to a tablespoon, several times a day.

Bill started to feel better, so she told him on the 9th day about the nanosilver, and they agreed he should keep taking it, despite the fact that Bill was also experiencing some symptoms commonly associated with “cleansing” of the body (diarrhea, cramps and gas pains) when toxins are being killed and expelled.  Since the “cleansing” side effects were not better after an additional two weeks, he decided to go off the silver.  The increase in coughing came back almost instantly.  Susan ordered 10 more bottles of Nanosil 10 nanosilver and convinced him to take a reduced amount of 1 teaspoon a day.

Within 2 days of starting that regimen, the coughing stopped and there was no more fever. She then increased the amount of nanosilver to 2 teaspoons 2 times a day. Bill stopped taking everything else, including some raw food shakes and veggies he’d been taking.  There have been no more “cleansing” side effects!

So what’s the conclusion? Well, in late June Bill had new chest  x-rays taken and his bloodwork done.  They got the results that week from a smiling doctor. The infection blood marker count (never estimated to reach the 30s)?  An amazing 33!!!!!!

The x-rays? Where it had once been filled with pus, the Bullae bubble no longer appears to be infected! And where originally it appeared the disease had also spread to the healthy right lung, it now looked 100% healthy. All indications were that the damaged lung had improved so much, Bill did not need to come back for another checkup for 6 months!

Might someone with a different type of lung disease infer from this story that they could possibly experience improvement also? Well, remember that no claims are ever made for Precious Waters brand Nanosil 10. It is FDA approved as a dietary supplement only.

That said, if the disease is caused by a pathogen, a virus, bacteria or fungus, we do have the results of tests done at Brigham Young University mentioned in the previous post, showing that it is not toxic and effectively kills harmful pathogens, and we have the tests done decades ago by pioneering researcher, surgeon and author Robert O. Becker, MD, where he determined that silver ions were the only metal-based ions that killed pathogens at certain voltage levels, while not harming healthy tissue.

We also have the results of clinical trials in Kenya, the recent medical experiments showing that silver can make antibiotics many times more effective, and all the anecdotes on this blog and the older blog to which there is a link from this blog.

Taking all this into consideration, each person will make his or her own decision. That’s as it should be. Perhaps in the distant future clinical trials might be conducted using nanosilver for treating some serious diseases, and it might be approved by the FDA for some of them.

But until then, all anyone can do is consider the evidence, and if they conclude they have little to lose, they can try it, hoping for the same happy coincidence others have experienced when they took Nanosil 10 and also recovered at the same time. But they need to remember, no matter how many anecdotes pile up, no claims and no cause/effect relationship is claimed!

Many people are hesitant to take Nanosil 10 nanosilver, and that is understandable.  They haven’t heard of it before, and neither have their doctors, who often advise not to take it, even though they know nothing about it.  And oncologists will often discourage people with cancer from taking it, because they don’t want it to interfere with the chemo they are administering.

Also, Precious Waters brand Nanosil 10 is FDA approved only for use as a dietary supplement, so claims cannot be made that it is effective against cancer, malaria, HIV and other diseases.

On the other hand, in 2006 Ron W. Leavitt, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University, conducted extensive tests of Nanosilver 10.  He confirmed a number of things.

He confirmed that the particle size in Nanosilver 10 was within certain specified ranges, but more important, he sent letters about its effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as the fact that it is non-toxic.  The nanosilver killed all harmful viruses and bacteria it was tested on.  Also, it was proven to be non-toxic to animals even in quantities that would be far greater than a human would ever ingest.  Nanosil 10 was also shown to be far more effective than any other type or brand of nanosilver tested.

In addition to this scientific input, you can also take into consideration the hundreds of anecdotes about people who have taken Nanosil 10 and recovered from diseases and illnesses that range from cancer and malaria to endometriosis, HIV, and several other diseases caused by either a virus, bacteria or fungus.  Only a small fraction of these anecdotes are on this blog.

You can also take into consideration an article in the journal Molecules published in 2011 summarizing the effectiveness of nanosilver against many viruses and bacteria.  Harry can send you a link to that article as well, and it contains glowing comments about the effectiveness of nanosilver in killing viruses and bacteria, but there is one problem with it.

At the bottom of page 8903 it states that “silver nanoparticles have to be regarded as potentially harmful, especially when intended for treating a respiratory disease …”  This is not correct for Nanosil 10, as the BYU tests in 2006 demonstrated.  Obviously the authors were not aware of these tests and their results.

You can also take into consideration the fact that Nanosil nonionic and not colloidal, is converted by the body into ionic form only after ingestion, and therefore does not result in silver chloride or other unwanted salts precipitating out.  It is also non-toxic

When deciding whether to take Nanosil 10, you can also take into account the fact that over half a dozen doctors around the country order it from Harry, and one of them wants to order in quantities large enough so that he can private-label it for his patients.

You might also take into account the results of carefully monitored and certified clinical trials conducted in Kenya during the past two years, one of which was partially sponsored by The Gates Foundation, and another which was sponsored by the government of Kenya.  The treatment consisted of Nanosilver 10, the only nanosilver brand allowed to be imported into Kenya, and three drugs, administered by doctors.

Over 400 people were in each trial, and they had diseases that included, HIV, TB and cancer.  The results were so positive, with more than 80% recovery or substantial improvement, that the government passed an initial authorization to spend over $2 billion to make the treatment that includes Nanosil 10 available for over one million people.

Each person will make up their own minds as to whether they will use Nanosil 10.  That is as it should be.  The problem Harry has encountered over the years, however, is that some people will immediately go to the internet and come across some negative information about possible toxicity of nanosilver that is totally irrelevant to Nanosil 10, and has been totally disproven by the tests at BYU.  There is suspicion that such articles were secretly sponsored by some pharmaceutical firms fearful about their profits if something so inexpensive as nanosilver were to be proven effective in place of their expensive antibiotics, but that is not known.

Also, many people will go to their doctors, who are not aware of nanosilver and will reject it out of hand, knowing nothing about it.  This is not a problem in those instances where people recover from their illness anyway, without using Nanosil 10, but it is heartbreaking to learn of people who died after conventional treatment, when they suffered from roughly the same condition that others recovered from after taking Nanosil 10.  As noted, no cause and effect relationship can be claimed, but it is still sad to hear of these cases nevertheless.

So as you look into it, do indeed take into account input from medical professionals you trust, but also determine how much they know about Nanosil 10, and please do consider all the input mentioned here.