California Woman is “Walking Miracle” after Deadly Brain Tumor

Mary M, an athletic 53-year-old woman in southern California, played tennis regularly and was active continually, as any mother with four boys would be. In April of 2014 she experienced nausea and a headache for three days. She didn’t think much of it, but her sister, a Physician’s Assistant, became alarmed when she told her. She insisted that Mary go to the ER of the local hospital immediately, and have someone else drive her.

Mary followed her sister’s advice. Her son dropped her off, and as luck would have it, there was no one there at the time, so she was seen immediately. She felt sheepish telling the ER staff that she had become because of something so simple as a headache and nausea, but when she sat down to fill out the forms required, she immediately threw up.

She could still function normally, but the medical staff wanted a thorough checkup, including a CAT scan and MRI. Mary knew it was something serious when a neurosurgeon informed her she had a brain tumor, and they didn’t know if it was benign or malignant, so they’d need to operate. This was at 5 p.m. in the evening, and they scheduled the surgery for 11 a.m. the next morning.

The surgery was successful. They removed 100% of the tumor and some of the tissue around the borders, and she was fully functional. In fact, she recovered quickly and was out of the hospital just three days after the surgery, whereas a week or more is common.

The bad news, however, was that the tumor was a glioblastoma (GBM), the most aggressive malignant primary brain tumor in humans, with a median survival time of just 15 months with aggressive treatment, and only 4.5 months without treatment. The oncologist put her on a regimen of 30 treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, 5 days a week for six weeks, with the radiation in the morning and a strong chemo by pill in the afternoon.

The radiation treatment was particularly challenging, since she could not move while the intense radiation was directed to her brain, and so she had to wear a “nasty” mask that was then clamped to the table. However, the staff were particularly reassuring and encouraging, which helped.

She was in only the 2nd day of this regimen when, by a happy coincidence, she heard about Harry Watson and Nanosil. A close friend of hers was talking with a teacher who told her that, despite being exposed to all the viruses and flu that kids bring to school, she never got sick because she took “silver water.” She then mentioned that the man who sells it got better from an aggressive cancer after taking it.

When the friend heard that, she urged Mary to look into it. “I know that when anyone gets cancer,” Mary recalls her saying, “all your friends and relatives will start telling you about dozens of remedies including teas, certain foods, herbs and more, but this seems different, so please call the man.” She went to the website of Precious Waters and was impressed enough to email Harry. This was on a Saturday and she didn’t expect a reply until Monday.

Instead she got a reply almost immediately from Harry telling her to “call me now.” As the coincidence continues, Mary lives in the same town as a member of Harry’s family that Harry and his wife Donna were to visit that day, and they hand delivered some bottles of Nanosil, so that Mary could get started on it right away. She did that, and was happily surprised to find that, as the weeks progressed, she suffered none of the common side effects of strong radiation and chemo. She was never nauseous or fatigued, lost only a little bit of hair, and did not develop the sores that often develop during such treatment.

Her oncologist, whom she considers outstanding in many ways, was taken back when Mary asked if she could play tennis. “I don’t have too many brain tumor patients asking me if they can play tennis, Mary,” she recalls him saying, “and I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, keep it up.” Mary not only played tennis, but also attended an athletic “boot camp” and used a treadmill regularly. While continuing to take an ounce of Nanosil three times a day, Mary also changed her diet, started drinking green tea, got off sugars and corn flour, and ate more vegetables and fruits.

After the six week treatment, the doctors waited two weeks before the next MRI. Mary continued with the Nanosil during that time. On July 9, 2014, a date Mary will always remember well, some happy doctors informed her she was “totally clear” with no trace of a tumor and the swelling having decreased substantially. Equally impressive, her white blood cell count was in the normal range, and her red cell platelets actually increased, which is almost unheard of.

The oncologist then put her on a chemo maintenance regimen of 5 days of chemo, then 23 days off. That is to continue for some months. When it stops, she will continue taking Nanosil as a preventive, because she knows this is an aggressive cancer which historically comes back.

When her primary care physician saw her recently, his mouth fell open, Mary recalls. “You’re a walking miracle!” he exclaimed. A caring doctor, he had followed her case closely and was deeply disturbed when the initial news of the GBM tumor was faxed to him. “People with this tumor wind up in wheelchairs or confined to bed, and many die quickly” he told her, “but here you are with totally normal bloodwork and looking as fit and healthy as anyone could want.”

Harry Watson will second that impression, saying that he was totally surprised when, expecting to meet a sickly woman, he met instead what he figured at first was “a bubbly teenager” full of energy. For her part, Mary had expected to meet “an old man” and was equally surprised to meet a vital, youthful and energetic 92-year-old who seemed many years younger.

Mary is thankful for all that has transpired. She said she had “the worst diagnosis but the best outcome” and attributes it in large part to the Nanosil. She gives plenty of credit to all the caring medical professionals who treated her and the chemo/radiation regimen, but she feels strongly that it was more than just a “coincidence” that her remarkable recovery and lack of debilitating symptoms so common with GBM happened at the same time she took Nanosil regularly.

She is thankful now for each day, and insists that she will be able to laugh about it all with Harry in 10 years, during which time she expects to let a number of people know about Nanosil. Harry and Precious Waters, as always, make no claims.

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