CA Woman Beats Bladder Infection

On July 20th, 2014, a woman in Huntington Beach CA called Harry and ordered 10 bottles of Nanosil. She said she was suffering from a bladder infection. On July 28th, just 8 days later, she called and ordered 50 more bottles!

With the 2nd order she explained to Harry that the pain and irritation associated with the infection ended within three days when she started taking Nanosil. She then missed a day and it started to come back. She resumed taking it and the symptoms once again subsided.

Harry suggested that she continue to take it for four weeks from the time she started, and that 10 bottles would be enough to last for that period. She wanted the 50 bottles anyway, she explained, because she wanted each of her three daughters to have it on hand, and she wanted a supply on hand for herself. As always, no claims made, just another happy coincidence.

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