Florida Woman With Low Liver Function Remarkably Energetic

It has been a number of months since my last entry.  After publishing The Silver Water Coincidences, a book presenting a number of anecdotes, I turned my attention to other interests.  People are still experiencing the coincidence of taking Precious Waters™ nanosilver and recovering from a variety of illnesses and diseases, though, so I am resuming the anecdotes we come across.

One of the stories in that book was about a dog that was given nanosilver and remained seemingly healthy despite having only a 20% liver function.  The vets who took the measurements could not understand this, it was such a unique occurrence.  Well now we have a story about a Florida woman in her late 30s, with two children ages 13 and 10.  Her story is a bit complex, as it involves both Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.  In 2011 she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. 

Doctors started treatment which she took by injecting herself as instructed, but her body rejected it.  It was supposed to be a 6-month treatment, but her body rejected it in just two months.  She wasn’t getting any better, was throwing up frequently, was fatigued and stayed in bed most of the time.  It took 45 days after they stopped treatment for her to start feeling better.  In that time she forced herself to get out of bed and slog through the day as best she could.

In June 2012 she started HIV treatment.  Her CD marker was 470 and her viral load around 60,000, which the doctors considered much higher than expected, given her CD4 level.  Despite the high viral load, she kept her CD4 in the 450-550 range and was doing relatively well with her regimen of taking 3 pills daily.  However, in the summer of 2013 she returned to active drug addiction, didn’t care about life generally and stopped taking medications.  She went out-of-state for rehab, though, which was effective.

In January 2014 she started using Precious Waters™ nanosilver off and on, supposedly on a schedule of 2 teaspoons morning and evening, but in reality taking various amounts when the mood suited her.  In June 2014 she started using it consistently on a daily basis.  By that time her CD4 was roughly 150, considered really bad.  Anything under 200, the doctors told her, was considered AIDS.  But from June 2014 until now, March 2015, her CD4 marker has increased to 184 while she was taking only the nanosilver and no other medications.  At this point she is starting to take medications for the AIDS, not for the Hepatitis C, because her doctors want to treat the HIV/AIDS first.

At this latest March visit, her doctors were amazed that she could be functioning as she does with her liver function at less than 30%!  She should be much more sickly, they told her, and most people with her Hepatitis C counts and her viral load for the HIV/AIDS at 92,000 would be jaundiced, fatigued, with no desire to do anything.  With those counts, they told her, she would normally be hospitalized, with intense followup care and monitoring.  

How is she?  Well, I traveled a distance to meet her personally, and had I not known about her situation, I would assume she was an especially healthy, energetic woman in her 20s.  She is quite pretty, and her large compelling eyes are totally clear with very healthy looking whites, while her equally healthy-looking skin has not a blemish.  She says she feels like a normal energetic person, with the same drive and zest for life she had before any of these health issues started.  She credits God and Precious Waters™ for the happy, healthy life she is experiencing now, with more than enough energy and a positive outlook that enable her to easily care for her two children, who are thriving.

This raises the question, could nanosilver in some way help people function normally even though the underlying disease has not been effectively treated yet? No claims made, of course.

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