California Woman Beats Colon Cancer

This story is a few years old, but I heard about it only today.  A good friend of Harry Watson’s has a sister in her 70s, who lives in California.  A few years back she was diagnosed with colon cancer, with a tumor in her stomach.  Doctors were going to operate to remove the cancer, but first she had to undergo radiation.  She had undergone radiation three times, and wasn’t tolerating it all that well, so Harry’s friend advised his sister to stop the radiation and start taking Precious Waters (TM) nanosilver.

He ordered 6 bottles from Harry and had it shipped to his sister, who started taking it daily over a period of about four weeks.  She then went back to her doctors to have them remove the tumor, but by that time the tumor had shrunk and the doctors could find no trace of cancer.  They were of course puzzled, but advised her to keep on doing whatever she was doing, because the results were positive.

No claims are made here, of course, but this woman continues to take nanosilver on a regular basis.  She also continues an active social life, is a very healthy woman, drives from CA to Las Vegas on occasion, and enjoys the results of the very happy coincidence where the cancerous tumor shrank and became non-cancerous at the same time she happened to start taking the nanosilver.

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