3rd Degree Burns and Severe Diaper Rash – No Pain

3rd Degree Burns

Harry Watson’s daughter-in-law Mary is a Registered Nurse and has seen a lot of medical situations over the years, including burns and rashes.  Recently Dave, a fellow in his 30s who works with her son Cody, forgot that he was working with heated metal and reached down to pick it up, severely burning three of his fingertips.

Naturally he went to the Emergency Room in the nearest hospital as soon as possible, where they told him these were 3rd degree burns and gave him pain medications.  He went home and to deal with the extreme pain he tried putting his fingertips on things like frozen vegetables, but he had to remove them often.  He was in so much pain when he removed them that he was in tears, and asked Cody if he could think of anything that might help him.  He was desperate.

Cody at that moment realized that the Precious Waters™ gel spray might help.  He called his mother-in-law, Mary, and she immediately sprayed enough gel into a sandwich-size plastic bag to allow the fingertips to be soaked in it.  Cody picked up the bag and brought it to Dave, who stuck his fingertips into the gel for 7 minutes.

“What’s in that stuff?” was Dave’s reaction when he removed his fingertips and felt absolutely no pain.  The next morning he was shocked to see how much better his fingertips looked.  He continued to soak them occasionally over the next couple of days and at no time did he feel any further pain.

The doctors at the ER had told him it might take a long time to heal, which is why it is so remarkable that, after just 4 days, he already had light pink new skin covering the fingertips, never experienced any more pain, and totally healed in a short time.

Diaper Rash 

In another recent situation Mary’s 7-month-old great-granddaughter was teething and also developed a fiery red diaper rash.  The mother’s pediatrician suggested that perhaps Monistat, used by adult women for yeast infections, might help because such rashes are often caused by yeast.

Mary suggested that first they might try spraying the gel over the baby’s vaginal area to see if it would help.  They did so, then put the baby to bed.  She slept 7 hours, and when she awoke, the fiery redness was totally gone.  By the next day, it was virtually totally healed.

Mary looked up the medical information online and found that since such rashes are often caused by yeast, a fungus, and nanosilver can kill fungus infections, this is probably why the healing occurred so quickly.  But as always, no claims are made that the gel spray heals anything.

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