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Earlier this year a 74-year-old Illinois woman experienced severe shoulder pain and some underarm pain as well, so she was taken to the hospital where a CT scan was conducted for a possible heart problem. The scan showed no heart problem, but instead doctors found three free-floating tumors in her abdomen which they believed were cancerous. It would take a month of tests and preparation before treatment could be started.

I spoke with her daughter in early August and learned this woman’s story. In the same discussion the daughter shared with me a “back story” about her father who had remarried and lived in Missouri.  The daughter explained that her father had been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue and bone cancer. After normal treatment had not resulted in any improvement, he had been “sent home to die.” The daughter lives in a section of Peoria IL where a lot of people had used Precious Waters™ nanosilver, so she knew about it and recommended that her father start taking some each day.

He followed her advice. The man was 6’3” and weighed only 125 pounds when he was sent home, but had already gained 14 pounds while on the silver for a relatively short time. At that time, however, a specialist agreed to treat the man with his version of conventional treatment, with no promise of improvement or prolonged life. He was willing to treat him, however, only if he stopped taking the nanosilver. Her father chose to have this specialist treat him, stopped taking the nanosilver, and died not too long afterward.

As any reader of this blog or my book knows, neither Harry Watson nor I recommend keeping any information from medical professionals, but each person will make his or her own decision in that regard. In this case, with her father’s experience painfully still in mind, the daughter told her mother that, during the month they were waiting for treatment, she would start giving her nanosilver daily, but she would not order it unless her mother agreed not to tell the doctors that she was taking it. The daughter knew the doctors would advise her against taking the nanosilver.

The mother agreed and took the nanosilver during that month and during treatment. When treatment was ready to start, the doctors ordered a PET scan to help diagnose the type of cancer and staging, but they could find only the largest of the three tumors that had been previously discovered. The other two had disappeared! But this time they also detected a small tumor in her spleen as well. Because it had already spread to another part of the body, they classified her cancer as Stage 4 Double-Hit High Grade Large B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and gave her only a 40% chance of survival at the time they started treatment.

It was a very strenuous treatment, a four-cocktail combination of chemotherapy that they gave her over 5 days in the hospital in a continuous drip, every 3 weeks for 6 treatments. Naturally they expected the normal ravages of chemotherapy would become evident. They were soon to be quite surprised, however, and the oncologist was shocked at how well she was doing during the chemotherapy.

She went on walks almost every day, even when she was in the hospital! She did lose 12 pounds and lost her hair in the early phase of the treatments, but then stabilized and never lost weight after that. In fact she gained two pounds by the end of her treatment, again to the surprise of the doctors.

PET scans taken between July 31st and August 2nd showed no trace of cancer, and although it is generally accepted that no cancer patient is totally free of cancer, which is considered only in “remission,” doctors could not find any significant trace of it. So on August 8th, 2017, they considered her “cancer-free.”

No claims are ever made that Precious Waters™ nanosilver ever cures anything, and in this case there was extensive chemotherapy and many people were praying for the recovery of this woman. Also, as many clinical tests involving placebos have shown, a person’s beliefs can be a big factor in whether, and the extent to which, they recover.

Still, the woman’s daughter is firmly convinced that the nanosilver played a key role in protecting her mother from the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Aside from the many coincidental improvements experienced by several people in her section of Peoria when they took nanosilver, she was also impressed by the fact that two of the tumors in her mother’s abdomen had disappeared by the time treatment started.  .

She is also influenced by her own recent experience.  She and her husband’s feet and knees have hurt for years, just a pain they have lived with. Her doctor is a functional medicine doctor, and had given her an article claiming that many common conditions are due to the Epstein Barr virus. (The article referred to claims made in the best-selling book Medical Medium by Anthony William.) She followed a specific diet and took several supplements along with the silver to try and cure the EBV and possibly a thyroid condition as well.

During the diet, supplements and silver, their pain went away. But after they stopped the diet regimen their feet and knees began to hurt again right away. When they thought about what must have been helping, they decided it might well be the silver. Within 2 days of taking the silver again, the pain was gone in their feet and knees, and hasn’t come back. Again, no claims are ever made, but she is convinced the nanosilver helped. She could be wrong of course, but why not enjoy a “happy coincidence?”


A 69-year-old Texas man had surgery in July 2014 to remove an intestinal cancer in his stomach that had also enflamed his liver.  It was followed by chemotherapy.  A year later, in July 2015, doctors told him that tests showed, unfortunately, it had come back and was aggressive.

At that time he contacted Harry Watson and started to take Precious Waters™  nanosilver, an ounce 2x a day for a month, then a reduced amount, a teaspoon twice a day, for the months of August, September and October.

Then on Monday, November 2nd of 2015, tests showed no sign of the cancer.  There will be a PET scan in two months to determine if the cancer has come back.  In the meantime, this man, his very happy wife and two daughters, will be celebrating.  And he will continue taking the nanosilver as what he considers a preventive.

As always, Harry Watson is delighted, but makes absolutely no claims.  He too is very happy that once again a coincidence has occurred — someone taking PW nanosilver and recovering from an infection or disease.  The gentleman from Texas has promised to get back to Harry to let him know the results of the scan in two months.

An 80-year-old Montana man living near Great Falls was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma in his stomach and started chemo on May 21, 2015.  His tumor was originally about the size of  a fruit jar lid,  3″, according to his wife Barbara.  He has 6 sessions of chemo three weeks apart.  In mid-July he also ordered 6 bottles of Precious Waters (TM) nanosilver from Harry Watson and started taking it daily.  On August 31st, his oncologist declared him cancer-free.

This is an interesting man, very healthy his entire life, except for diabetes which he kept under tight control.  According to Barbara, he was an unusually determined man, so it was easy for him to keep the diabetes under control.  As an example of his determination, she related the story of how he won a 2015 Subaru Legacy with all the bells and whistles by winning a contest.  The challenge was to see who could sit in a Subaru the longest, getting out only 10 minutes every 2 hours.  He was declared the winner after sitting in it for 17 days!!!!  He was also very active his entire life, maintaining a fleet of 109 trucks for the State of Montana.

Now no claims can ever be made for Precious Waters (TM) nanosilver, but in this case it shows that taking the nanosilver along with chemo did no harm.  This man and his wife Barbara, with whom I spoke, both maintain that they “know” the nanosilver played a big part in beating this cancer, and Barbara stated that when he started taking it, his Ph level became much more alkaline and less acidic, which is a positive for anyone fighting cancer.  When she ordered more bottles from Harry, she thanked him for doing what he does, and asked him not to stop.  It is entirely possible, of course, that  the chemo alone got rid of the cancer.  But they believe so strongly that the nanosilver helped, they advised a neighbor with a cancer tumor to start taking it, and he has already ordered some.

There was a well-publicized study two years ago that indicated when silver was taken along with an antibiotic, the antibiotic was many times more effective, up to 1000% more effective.  It is possible that the nanosilver made the chemo much more effective in this case, but that cannot be proven and no claims are made.  It’s another happy coincidence though.


This story is a few years old, but I heard about it only today.  A good friend of Harry Watson’s has a sister in her 70s, who lives in California.  A few years back she was diagnosed with colon cancer, with a tumor in her stomach.  Doctors were going to operate to remove the cancer, but first she had to undergo radiation.  She had undergone radiation three times, and wasn’t tolerating it all that well, so Harry’s friend advised his sister to stop the radiation and start taking Precious Waters (TM) nanosilver.

He ordered 6 bottles from Harry and had it shipped to his sister, who started taking it daily over a period of about four weeks.  She then went back to her doctors to have them remove the tumor, but by that time the tumor had shrunk and the doctors could find no trace of cancer.  They were of course puzzled, but advised her to keep on doing whatever she was doing, because the results were positive.

No claims are made here, of course, but this woman continues to take nanosilver on a regular basis.  She also continues an active social life, is a very healthy woman, drives from CA to Las Vegas on occasion, and enjoys the results of the very happy coincidence where the cancerous tumor shrank and became non-cancerous at the same time she happened to start taking the nanosilver.

One of the positive things about Nanosil 10 is that almost anyone can afford it.  It might or might not help them, and Harry Watson never makes any claims as to what it can or cannot do, but many people have coincidentally had strong recoveries from serious diseases while taking it, and a person risks very little financially for trying it.

This is in sharp contrast to a recent Bloomberg News article by reporter Robert Langreth and editors Reg Gale and Andrew Pollack.  The article points out that, for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here, the price of 73 drug brands increased 75% since 2007.  It recounts several instances where new drugs can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for total treatment, and mentions one specific instance where an older drug for multiple sclerosis that cost about $550 per injection in 2007, now costs almost $1200 only 7 years later.  Apparently, as a drug loses revenues when competitors enter the market, some drugmakers will sometimes raise prices to make up for the lost revenues.

Without passing judgment on the justification for these price increases, the fact remains we are all stuck with higher prices for many drugs, especially those that treat serious diseases such as cancer, leukemia and diabetes.  Along with that, we are also faced at the same time with much greater uncertainty about whether those of us who need these drugs will be able to afford them or to get access to them under Medicare and Obamacare restrictions and limitations.  It is not a comforting thought.

Now nanosilver is not a drug, and no claims are made that it can have any effect on any disease, ever (though there are as you can see on this blog many interesting anecdotes).  Neither does it require the huge costs of research, development and clinical trials that drugs must go through, with only a fraction of them proving to be winners.  It is simply nano-sized engineered flakes of silver, electrically charged, in distilled water.  So it can be manufactured relatively inexpensively compared to drugs.  It is only common sense that it should cost just a tiny fraction of the drugs mentioned in the Bloomberg article.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that, for the person who cannot get access to the expensive drugs for his or her serious disease, and for those who have been told by medical doctors there is no more they can do for them, it sure doesn’t cost very much to give nanosilver a try, to see if perhaps the same happy coincidence that has occurred for others might also occur for them.  Of course, the same holds true even if the condition is not a serious one, as many anecdotes on this blog indicate.  Anything from a toothache to fever blisters might disappear at the same time you happen to be taking nanosilver, and it sure doesn’t cost much.


Dave, one of Harry’s oldest and most trusted friends, who flew on his crew into Vietnam and holds a leadership position among a group of retired Continental Airlines pilots, has a son in Houston who was originally diagnosed with TB.  In his mid-30s, he was fatigued, had trouble sleeping, and experienced night sweats.  After further blood work, the doctor diagnosed him as having chronic leukemia.  It is not as fast growing and dangerous as acute leukemia, but it is a cancer nevertheless.

He was then treated at M.D. Anderson, a leading cancer hospital in Houston, with very low dose chemo, but at the same time, he started to take 1 ounce of Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 three times a day, plus baking soda 2x a day.  He took that level for about a month and then gradually reduced the amount he took.  Where his white cell count was between 400,000 and 500,000 when he started, it quickly went down, and in 5 weeks was in the normal range, about 10,000 to 12,000.  And where cancer had been found in his bone marrow, which is where this type of cancer starts, there was no sign of cancer anymore in the marrow

The doctor in charge, who did not know he was taking the nanosilver, was quite pleased.  In answer to Dave’s question as to how his son’s recovery compared to most cases, he said that while not unprecedented, it could be characterized as “fairly unexpected” on the positive side.  Dave’s son is now living a normal life, working, sleeping better and feeling much more energetic.

So did the nanosilver help?  Dave is absolutely convinced it played a major role, but because chemo was given at the same time, no one can be sure for certain.  That’s okay, though, because as we have seen in some past posts, silver has been known to make many antibiotics several times more powerful and effective than they would be alone.  The important thing is that his son is now healthy.

In that regard, Dave related another story, a sad one, about his daughter.  She was quite athletic, a triathlon participant who jogged and worked out regularly, had a degree relating to diet and nutrition, and so had above average knowledge of what it takes to stay healthy.  Unfortunately, she developed breast cancer that went undiagnosed for years, and so had spread to a Stage 4 cancer, in her spinal fluid and other places in her body, when she started treatment at M.D. Anderson.

Naturally Dave wanted her to take PW Nanosil 10 along with the chemo she was getting at M.D. Anderson, and she did so.  To Dave’s delight, her counts immediately began improving and she regained a good deal of strength.  However, when she advised those doctors that she was taking nanosilver, they told her to stop taking it, so they could more accurately measure what effects the chemo was having.  They meant well, of course, and did not know much if anything about nanosilver and the science behind it.

Being a conscientious patient and having tremendous respect for the doctors at M. D. Anderson and all they have achieved in battling cancer, she followed their advice.  Unfortunately, she was dead 9 months later.  

Who knows what would have happened if she had continued to take the nanosilver along with the chemo?  She still might have died, though Dave obviously feels otherwise.  Dave was kind to share this information, even though it was highly emotionally troubling for him to speak about it even now.  He hopes that sharing the story might help someone who is not sure whether they should try nanosilver or use it while taking chemo.  His own recent direct experience with nanosilver will be mentioned in a separate blog.

Of course, no claims are made for Precious Waters Nanosilver 10.  It is FDA approved only as an immune system support.  It is not claimed to be a cure for any of the diseases people have recovered from while taking it.