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It has been a number of months since my last entry.  After publishing The Silver Water Coincidences, a book presenting a number of anecdotes, I turned my attention to other interests.  People are still experiencing the coincidence of taking Precious Waters™ nanosilver and recovering from a variety of illnesses and diseases, though, so I am resuming the anecdotes we come across.

One of the stories in that book was about a dog that was given nanosilver and remained seemingly healthy despite having only a 20% liver function.  The vets who took the measurements could not understand this, it was such a unique occurrence.  Well now we have a story about a Florida woman in her late 30s, with two children ages 13 and 10.  Her story is a bit complex, as it involves both Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.  In 2011 she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. 

Doctors started treatment which she took by injecting herself as instructed, but her body rejected it.  It was supposed to be a 6-month treatment, but her body rejected it in just two months.  She wasn’t getting any better, was throwing up frequently, was fatigued and stayed in bed most of the time.  It took 45 days after they stopped treatment for her to start feeling better.  In that time she forced herself to get out of bed and slog through the day as best she could.

In June 2012 she started HIV treatment.  Her CD marker was 470 and her viral load around 60,000, which the doctors considered much higher than expected, given her CD4 level.  Despite the high viral load, she kept her CD4 in the 450-550 range and was doing relatively well with her regimen of taking 3 pills daily.  However, in the summer of 2013 she returned to active drug addiction, didn’t care about life generally and stopped taking medications.  She went out-of-state for rehab, though, which was effective.

In January 2014 she started using Precious Waters™ nanosilver off and on, supposedly on a schedule of 2 teaspoons morning and evening, but in reality taking various amounts when the mood suited her.  In June 2014 she started using it consistently on a daily basis.  By that time her CD4 was roughly 150, considered really bad.  Anything under 200, the doctors told her, was considered AIDS.  But from June 2014 until now, March 2015, her CD4 marker has increased to 184 while she was taking only the nanosilver and no other medications.  At this point she is starting to take medications for the AIDS, not for the Hepatitis C, because her doctors want to treat the HIV/AIDS first.

At this latest March visit, her doctors were amazed that she could be functioning as she does with her liver function at less than 30%!  She should be much more sickly, they told her, and most people with her Hepatitis C counts and her viral load for the HIV/AIDS at 92,000 would be jaundiced, fatigued, with no desire to do anything.  With those counts, they told her, she would normally be hospitalized, with intense followup care and monitoring.  

How is she?  Well, I traveled a distance to meet her personally, and had I not known about her situation, I would assume she was an especially healthy, energetic woman in her 20s.  She is quite pretty, and her large compelling eyes are totally clear with very healthy looking whites, while her equally healthy-looking skin has not a blemish.  She says she feels like a normal energetic person, with the same drive and zest for life she had before any of these health issues started.  She credits God and Precious Waters™ for the happy, healthy life she is experiencing now, with more than enough energy and a positive outlook that enable her to easily care for her two children, who are thriving.

This raises the question, could nanosilver in some way help people function normally even though the underlying disease has not been effectively treated yet? No claims made, of course.


Some people, when they hear about Precious Waters Nanosil 10, note that nanosilver is nothing new, that it has been around for years and widely used in the U.S. and Asia, and they assume there are no significant differences between Precious Waters Nanosil 10 and other types of nanosilver.

Harry Watson cannot speak for other types of nanosilver, and especially not for silver that is colloidal but not nano-sized (See “Some Science Behind Silver” post in November 2013).  But if you are thinking of taking or recommending nanosilver, it is important for you to understand some things about the properties and the manufacture of Nanosil 10.  The processes used to make it are proprietary and expensive, resulting in some extraordinary properties.

Large Surface Area in Proportion to Mass 

When the nanoparticles are formed, the process results in a nano-sized particle so small you cannot see it when it is suspended in water.  However, it is also shaped in a way so that it is extremely thin, flattened out like a flake would be, so that the two sides of this super-thin flake give it a lot of surface area in proportion to the mass of the entire particle.

When this happens, it becomes “oligodynamic,” meaning that its ability to kill pathogens becomes extremely powerful in relation to its size.  In Nanosil 10, all the particles fall within a narrow, very small size range, so you get consistency and power.  Other types might not be this small, and might not be this consistent.  The “10” in Nanosil 10 refers to 10 parts per million concentration.  Each batch when analyzed must be between 8 and 12 parts per million, never more and never less than that.

Special Type of Electrical Charge Attracts Pathogens 

Precious Waters Nanosil 10 is subjected to a very specific type of electrical charge.  It has to be done at a certain pressure and temperature, and carefully controlled.  This requires special equipment and specially designed processes, which makes it difficult and expensive to produce.

But it’s worth it!  When the nanosilver particle enters a cell where pathogens lurk, the pathogens with their negative charge are drawn to it.  The flake-shaped particle then wraps itself around the pathogen and kills it.

Without this electrical charge, the pathogen might not be drawn to it, and so remain hidden and not killed.  With the charge, the pathogen itself does the work of finding it, by being drawn from wherever it is in the cell to the nanosilver, where it gets killed.

When you understand this, it becomes easier to also understand why there are so many anecdotes about people taking Precious Waters Nanosil 10 and, while no cause/effect claims are ever made, they improve dramatically, sometimes from what would otherwise be fatal diseases.  It also becomes easier to understand why the clinical trials in Kenya showed such remarkable results for HIV patients when Precious Waters Nanosil 10 was taken along with other drugs.

What’s New & Not New

So if someone tells you that they already use nanosilver, or that is nothing new, they are right that the category itself in not new.  But the use of Precious Waters Nanosil 10 has not been widespread to this point, and the clinical trial results in Kenya are new.

This means, whatever they have in mind when they speak of “knowing all about it,” it is very likely they do not know about the properties of Nanosil 10, or the dramatic results of the Kenyan trial, which has resulted in that government authorizing the expenditure of more than $2 billion to treat 1.7 million people in that country with HIV.


Please remember, Harry Watson makes no claims about Precious Waters brand nanosilver, but it is interesting to look at some of the science that theorizes why oligodynamic nanosilver might be especially effective in fighting cancer, HIV and other diseases. 

Not All Silver is the Same! 

The Immunogenic Research Foundation has done extensive research on medical uses of silver.  They tell you the Executive Director has accepted endowments and grants from the silver industry, but they make that quite clear in their publications and it does not detract from the accuracy of their research.  In an article of theirs I read recently, dated May 2006, none of the other authors were compensated by the industry.  What follows is based on that article. 

Silver Salts are Mostly Poisonous 

One of the most important points made there was that not all forms of silver are the same.  Silver salts, such as silver nitrate that is produced by dissolving silver in nitric acid and evaporating to get crystals, are for the most part poisonous.  And while silver itself is not considered toxic, you can’t expect any improved health by ingesting it in large quantities. 

“Colloidal” Silver is Not Necessarily Nanosilver 

Colloidal simply means that the silver is not dissolved, but rather suspended in some solution as undissolved silver.  This means it is not poisonous like silver salts, but if the size of the silver particles is too large, the body will have trouble ingesting it and excreting it.  This has caused some people who took it in large quantities in the past to turn a grayish or bluish color, in a condition known as argyria. 

Nanosilver is Oligodynamic 

Nanosilver is colloidal, since the silver is not dissolved, but it is also oligodynamic.  This means that in exceedingly small metal ion concentrations it demonstrates extraordinary antimicrobial properties.  (Oligos in Greek means “few” and dynamis means “power,” so think in terms of “few power.”)  

Nanoscientists know that cancer drugs must be able to easily penetrate and disrupt tumor cell membranes in order to best fight the cancer. In nanosilver as small as Precious Waters, it is able to penetrate the cancer cell membranes much more effectively than larger particles. 

Electrical Charge Probably Adds to Nanosilver’s Killing Power 

Further, Precious Waters nanosilver is electrically charged in a certain way.  It is not proven, but apparently the cancerous or HIV pathogens are attracted to the silver because their negative charge draws them to the positively charged silver.  This means the nanosilver doesn’t even have to hunt down the pathogens. They are drawn to it! 

Answer to the Mystery of Kenya vs. U.S.? 

Could this possibly be the answer to the mystery of why the Kenyan government, whose clinical trials included Precious Waters nanosilver combined with drugs, is proceeding to spend billions based on the 80%+ cure rate of people with HIV and cancer in those trials  … where in U.S. researchers are stumped in fighting HIV because they can’t kill all the HIV hiding in “latent reservoirs” in immune system cells? 

Is it possible that the nanosilver does the job for them, attracting HIV pathogens wherever they are hiding?  Could nanosilver be doing two jobs – finding all the HIV pathogens and killing them as well? 

What a Tragedy if it Were This Simple! 

Think of the thousands of people in the U.S. suffering and dying with either HIV or cancer this year alone.  What a shame it would be if the simple addition of nanosilver to the drugs being used to treat them could result in a cure … but no scientist in the U.S. would pay attention to what is already happening in Kenya! 

Maybe it wouldn’t prove out, but with all the anecdotal evidence piling up and the results of the Kenyan clinical trials there waiting for anyone who wants to research them, wouldn’t you think at least one prominent cancer researcher in the U.S. would be curious enough to try it out? 

Or is it simply a case of cancer scientists in the U.S. being so focused on whatever they are doing, they simply aren’t capable of considering anything they haven’t themselves discovered? 

Or perhaps they mistakenly assume that today’s oligodynamic nanosilver is no different from the colloidal silver of a decade ago? 

Maybe we’ll never know, but it sure is curious.

Harry just received word that the Kenyan government has agreed to pay 100% of the cost treating each HIV patient in Kenya with the combination of drugs and Precious Waters nanosilver that proved so effective in trials.

There are 1.7 million people in Kenya with this virus.  

initial cost estimates for treatment per person is $1200, of which the cost of nanosilver is just a small fraction.

This would seem to be validation of Precious Waters nanosilver as a key ingredient in treatment of diseases caused by virus, bacteria and fungus.  Governments in Africa do not lightly approve spending over $2 billion!

It should be noted, the same trials that showed Precious Waters effective as part of the larger “cocktail” to treat HIV also included a number of cancer patients.

Here is a “white paper” by Dr. Barasa Simon Situma of Kenya.  Four people apparently “cured” of HIV are being monitored for several months to see if the remain with no traceable viral load.  One of the  “agents” mentioned in the last paragraph is Precious Waters nanosilver.  Again, no claims made or implied for nanosilver, and there were drugs administered here, one at least which is pretty well known and powerful.


Simon Barasa-Situma – a Kenyan researcher reports success in providing HIV cure

Posted on May 13, 2013 – 1:35 pm

A Kenyan researcher, Dr. Simon Barasa-Situma of the Technical University of Kenya, has modified the world’s first recorded HIV “cure” and says it has worked effectively on four of his patients and  that another 18 currently under observation “are doing well”.

“Consecutive tests show they carry no virus, but we have to monitor them for at least six to 12 months to be sure they are free of HIV,” explained Barasa-Situma, during a presentation at the Second World Virology and Microbiology Conference in New York.

“I have demonstrated the HIV cure in two people by stopping rapid multiplication of CD4 progenitor cells in the bone marrow, where the HIV virus hides to avoid elimination by the immune system and thus achieved the first complete cure without bone marrow transplantation,” Barasa-Situma said.

His treatment, he says, is based on the world’s first known cure of HIV, that of Timothy Ray Brown, 47, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1995 and put on Antiretroviral drugs, but in 2006 developed leukaemia and, for this reason, was given a bone marrow transplant with a rare gene mutation that provides natural resistance to HIV.

“Removing the bone marrow, where the CD4 cells replicate, denied the virus the capacity to replicate and consequently the patient was free of HIV,” says  Barasa- Situma. Since the new bone marrow was resistant to the virus, the already existing bugs in circulation and from the secondary reservoirs — which include the brain, glands, intestines, and skin — could not create new hideouts, hence the ultimate eradication of the virus.

Bone marrow transplantation is a very expensive, specific, and dangerous procedure, which makes Brown’s treatment impossible to apply to the more than 30 million people with HIV. However, according to Barasa-Situma, purging the virus from some specific locations where it seems to hide is the way out.

“This means there is a reservoir in the body where the virus is hiding and where the Antiretroviral drugs are not able to reach. The hideout is in some parts of the bone marrow. Get rid of this reservoir and, theoretically, you are home and dry,” Barasa- Situma says, adding that he has achieved this using a method that comprises the use of a cancer drug (methotraxate) in combination with other agents. Two patients who have undergone the therapy, he adds, have shown no signs of the virus for the past six months.