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The Australian man who suffered from a “forest of melanoma” continued to improve in recent weeks and earlier this week sent the following email to Harry Watson.

Good day Harry,
Yes I’m still battling this war of attrition as my youngest son calls it!
Seems that the constant use of PW nano silver, bio carb, and a positive approach to keep battling is slowly now closing out the remainder of
the little horrors I’ve been treating. Nearly done!
Looks like a pretty good Christmas after all!
Huge thanks for your attention and caring support. I’m hoping there are
no further setbacks, the last worry under my tongue has shrunk a lot!
Best regards and may you and your great wife have a great and blessed
John M

Sent from John’s iPad

I spoke with Harry today and he had received a letter from John M which stated that the melanoma under his tongue has now “almost disappeared.”

Naturally Harry is delighted, and naturally, no claims made.  Really satisfying coincidence though.



On June 23rd, 2016, a man from Australia ordered one bottle of Precious Waters (TM) gel spray to start treating what he described as a “forest” of melanoma sores all over his body, especially his legs, back and chest, so thick in many places you could not see the skin.  He had tried “everything,” he said, but nothing helped.  He was scared and shared that his future looked grim.  Melanoma after all is a deadly skin cancer that, if not treated, can grow inward and ultimately cause death.

With just the first spraying of the gel spray, it took away all his “wowies,” he said, referring to the pain.  Over the next four months he used 85 bottles of Precious Waters (TM) nanosilver water and 89 of the gel spray, probably many times more than anyone else has used them for a single condition by a factor of 7 or 8, but he obviously feels it was worth it.  His November 3 email to Harry started this way:

“I’m still beating this malady that wants to win, but it’s not going to win!
I’m down to 8 little monsters on my back now, this is a real good scene to what it was!”

Shipping charges to Australia for that many bottles are costly, but this man has never mentioned or complained about the cost.  When you consider the alternatives, that’s understandable.  What’s a bright outlook on life and freedom from pain worth?

No claims here whatsoever.  Just another gratifying example of a coincidence where someone gets great results at the same time they happen to be taking Harry’s nanosilver!  For Harry, the joy is in hearing from all these people who are so happy to get past challenging physical maladies.

Last week you saw a post about a fellow who took both Nanosilver 10 and the nanosilver spray gel after being diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma.  He’s the leader of the Bible study group at Harry Watson’s church.  Now he’s provided a testimonial, and he’s happy to have his name attached to his statement and put up on this blog.  Harry has the original signed copy, but here is his statement:

April 12, 2014 


My name is Paul Marks.  I am 71 years old and was diagnosed with Merkle Cell Carcinoma in January of this year.  I discovered a cyst on my upper lip which was biopsied for the diagnosis of Merkle Cell Carcinoma. 

I have a weak heart and weak lungs.  For those reasons, I decided against the surgery and radiation treatments that were recommended by the doctors. 

Through a friend I was aware of Precious Waters and of the success some had as a treatment for cancer.  I have been taking the nano silver (Precious Waters) for over two months. 

On April 8th I saw an Oncologist for the first time.  He looked closely at my lip and stated, “There is no malignancy on your lip.”  The Merkle Cell cyst was gone after two months of taking Precious Waters.  I can only conclude that this resulted from a miracle by God or the Precious Waters…or both. 

This is my testimony.

That’s a simple, straightforward statement, but please remember, Harry never makes any claims about nanosilver.  It is approved as an immune system support only.  However, this man’s testimony should be interesting to anyone with melanoma or any other aggressive skin cancer, or any other type of cancer for that matter.

Nanosilver!  By a knockout!

Harry got very good news last night.  He really likes the leader of the Bible study group at his church, and considers him an outstanding leader and scholar, as well as a very warm and encouraging person.  About a month ago this fellow, who is age 70, was diagnosed as having a rare skin cancer that is considered deadlier than melanoma by many. You can read about it extensively at the NIH / National Cancer Institute website, and here is the link:

As you can see on the site, suggested treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  In this  case, the visible evidence of it was a peanut-sized (n the shell) growth below the nose that was pink to grayish purple in color.  The surgeon who intended to operate told this gentleman that he would have to remove his upper lip, part of his nose, part of his jaw and surrounding facial tissue, and some lymph nodes, but that he shouldn’t worry because with artistic rebuilding with pigskin, he’d look fine.  Of course, chemo and radiation would also be part of the treatment after the surgery.

At age 70, this man figured he’d rather not go through all that, and knowing of nanosilver, he decided to try it.  He and Harry decided he should use both the spray gel externally and the Precious Waters Nanosilver 10 internally.  What happened?

Well, no one can say it was due to the nanosilver, but once again, in the same month that he took it, this fellow went back this week to the oncologist who had biopsied and diagnosed him initially, and the oncologist could find no trace of the carcinoma!  He wants to biopsy him again in 3 months to determine if there is any trace of it in his lymph nodes.  

As you can see from the NIH site, this kind of sudden recovery is not known to happen, especially not in just a month.  No claims are made that nanosilver had anything to do with it, but it’s another happy coincidence.  There is a correlation, but no proof of causation.  PW Nanosilver 10 is just an immune system support, nothing more.  But Harry and the entire church are very happy that this revered fellow will by all appearances be around for quite some time yet, and they’re very happy he decided to try the nanosilver.

You have to wonder if some people with the much more common melanoma, if they tried PW Nanosilver 10 and spray gel, might enjoy the same happy coincidental circumstances.  It would be nice, even if no cause/effect relationship is there, or if it’s due just to a placebo effect.  Harry’s goal of helping as many people as possible would be furthered regardless.