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Many people are hesitant to take Nanosil 10 nanosilver, and that is understandable.  They haven’t heard of it before, and neither have their doctors, who often advise not to take it, even though they know nothing about it.  And oncologists will often discourage people with cancer from taking it, because they don’t want it to interfere with the chemo they are administering.

Also, Precious Waters brand Nanosil 10 is FDA approved only for use as a dietary supplement, so claims cannot be made that it is effective against cancer, malaria, HIV and other diseases.

On the other hand, in 2006 Ron W. Leavitt, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University, conducted extensive tests of Nanosilver 10.  He confirmed a number of things.

He confirmed that the particle size in Nanosilver 10 was within certain specified ranges, but more important, he sent letters about its effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as the fact that it is non-toxic.  The nanosilver killed all harmful viruses and bacteria it was tested on.  Also, it was proven to be non-toxic to animals even in quantities that would be far greater than a human would ever ingest.  Nanosil 10 was also shown to be far more effective than any other type or brand of nanosilver tested.

In addition to this scientific input, you can also take into consideration the hundreds of anecdotes about people who have taken Nanosil 10 and recovered from diseases and illnesses that range from cancer and malaria to endometriosis, HIV, and several other diseases caused by either a virus, bacteria or fungus.  Only a small fraction of these anecdotes are on this blog.

You can also take into consideration an article in the journal Molecules published in 2011 summarizing the effectiveness of nanosilver against many viruses and bacteria.  Harry can send you a link to that article as well, and it contains glowing comments about the effectiveness of nanosilver in killing viruses and bacteria, but there is one problem with it.

At the bottom of page 8903 it states that “silver nanoparticles have to be regarded as potentially harmful, especially when intended for treating a respiratory disease …”  This is not correct for Nanosil 10, as the BYU tests in 2006 demonstrated.  Obviously the authors were not aware of these tests and their results.

You can also take into consideration the fact that Nanosil nonionic and not colloidal, is converted by the body into ionic form only after ingestion, and therefore does not result in silver chloride or other unwanted salts precipitating out.  It is also non-toxic

When deciding whether to take Nanosil 10, you can also take into account the fact that over half a dozen doctors around the country order it from Harry, and one of them wants to order in quantities large enough so that he can private-label it for his patients.

You might also take into account the results of carefully monitored and certified clinical trials conducted in Kenya during the past two years, one of which was partially sponsored by The Gates Foundation, and another which was sponsored by the government of Kenya.  The treatment consisted of Nanosilver 10, the only nanosilver brand allowed to be imported into Kenya, and three drugs, administered by doctors.

Over 400 people were in each trial, and they had diseases that included, HIV, TB and cancer.  The results were so positive, with more than 80% recovery or substantial improvement, that the government passed an initial authorization to spend over $2 billion to make the treatment that includes Nanosil 10 available for over one million people.

Each person will make up their own minds as to whether they will use Nanosil 10.  That is as it should be.  The problem Harry has encountered over the years, however, is that some people will immediately go to the internet and come across some negative information about possible toxicity of nanosilver that is totally irrelevant to Nanosil 10, and has been totally disproven by the tests at BYU.  There is suspicion that such articles were secretly sponsored by some pharmaceutical firms fearful about their profits if something so inexpensive as nanosilver were to be proven effective in place of their expensive antibiotics, but that is not known.

Also, many people will go to their doctors, who are not aware of nanosilver and will reject it out of hand, knowing nothing about it.  This is not a problem in those instances where people recover from their illness anyway, without using Nanosil 10, but it is heartbreaking to learn of people who died after conventional treatment, when they suffered from roughly the same condition that others recovered from after taking Nanosil 10.  As noted, no cause and effect relationship can be claimed, but it is still sad to hear of these cases nevertheless.

So as you look into it, do indeed take into account input from medical professionals you trust, but also determine how much they know about Nanosil 10, and please do consider all the input mentioned here.


Some people, when they hear about Precious Waters Nanosil 10, note that nanosilver is nothing new, that it has been around for years and widely used in the U.S. and Asia, and they assume there are no significant differences between Precious Waters Nanosil 10 and other types of nanosilver.

Harry Watson cannot speak for other types of nanosilver, and especially not for silver that is colloidal but not nano-sized (See “Some Science Behind Silver” post in November 2013).  But if you are thinking of taking or recommending nanosilver, it is important for you to understand some things about the properties and the manufacture of Nanosil 10.  The processes used to make it are proprietary and expensive, resulting in some extraordinary properties.

Large Surface Area in Proportion to Mass 

When the nanoparticles are formed, the process results in a nano-sized particle so small you cannot see it when it is suspended in water.  However, it is also shaped in a way so that it is extremely thin, flattened out like a flake would be, so that the two sides of this super-thin flake give it a lot of surface area in proportion to the mass of the entire particle.

When this happens, it becomes “oligodynamic,” meaning that its ability to kill pathogens becomes extremely powerful in relation to its size.  In Nanosil 10, all the particles fall within a narrow, very small size range, so you get consistency and power.  Other types might not be this small, and might not be this consistent.  The “10” in Nanosil 10 refers to 10 parts per million concentration.  Each batch when analyzed must be between 8 and 12 parts per million, never more and never less than that.

Special Type of Electrical Charge Attracts Pathogens 

Precious Waters Nanosil 10 is subjected to a very specific type of electrical charge.  It has to be done at a certain pressure and temperature, and carefully controlled.  This requires special equipment and specially designed processes, which makes it difficult and expensive to produce.

But it’s worth it!  When the nanosilver particle enters a cell where pathogens lurk, the pathogens with their negative charge are drawn to it.  The flake-shaped particle then wraps itself around the pathogen and kills it.

Without this electrical charge, the pathogen might not be drawn to it, and so remain hidden and not killed.  With the charge, the pathogen itself does the work of finding it, by being drawn from wherever it is in the cell to the nanosilver, where it gets killed.

When you understand this, it becomes easier to also understand why there are so many anecdotes about people taking Precious Waters Nanosil 10 and, while no cause/effect claims are ever made, they improve dramatically, sometimes from what would otherwise be fatal diseases.  It also becomes easier to understand why the clinical trials in Kenya showed such remarkable results for HIV patients when Precious Waters Nanosil 10 was taken along with other drugs.

What’s New & Not New

So if someone tells you that they already use nanosilver, or that is nothing new, they are right that the category itself in not new.  But the use of Precious Waters Nanosil 10 has not been widespread to this point, and the clinical trial results in Kenya are new.

This means, whatever they have in mind when they speak of “knowing all about it,” it is very likely they do not know about the properties of Nanosil 10, or the dramatic results of the Kenyan trial, which has resulted in that government authorizing the expenditure of more than $2 billion to treat 1.7 million people in that country with HIV.


Harry Watson’s primary goal in founding Precious Waters was to help as many people as he could who suffer some kind of disease or infection that might be helped by Nanosil 10 nanosilver.

As noted many times, Harry makes no claims whatsoever for Precious Waters Nanosil 10, other than it is an approved dietary supplement.  However, it is always music to his ears when someone calls and tells him they are feeling better after taking it.

Yesterday Harry got a cal from a gentleman in Ocala FL, who sounded as though he was in his 60s or 70s, and who had been taking nanosilver for 5 weeks for his cancer, which was in his stomach and which was similar in many ways to the cancer Harry had, but got past a few years back with the help of nanosilver and baking soda.

This fellow had recently had an operation where the docs removed a large tumor from his abdomen and told him that he had about one year max of life left, and there was no way he could expect to recover.  His cancer like Harry’s had a lot of mucous attached to it and he had not felt well at all when he started to take the nanosilver.  Most of the time he was flat on his back.

At any rate, he called to order more nanosilver and to tell Harry that he was feeling really well, felt like he was making great progress, was no longer flat on his back as he had been, and had a much brighter outlook.

Nothing makes Harry happier than to get this kind of feedback. The fellow is due for a pet scan in the next two weeks, and hopefully he will call Harry to let him know the results.  At this point there is no evidence through scans or any other means that there has actually been an improvement, other than that the fellow feels much better.  But stay tuned and we should soon learn if the scan indicates some improvement!  As always, no cause/effect relationship is claimed.