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An 18-month-old girl, the daughter of one of Harry’s in-law relatives, developed severe blisters around her lips and in her mouth.  Not only did she cry from the discomfort it caused her, but she would not eat.  Doctors did not give an immediate diagnosis, but subsequent internet research indicates that it was probably a case of hand-foot-and-mouth disease, common in children in child care settings, caused by infection with the coxsackievirus A16.  (It is different from hoof-and-mouth disease in animals.)

The virus can remain in the body for weeks after the symptoms of the disease have disappeared, and in most cases symptoms will disappear after a week or two.  That week or two, however, can be most painful for the baby and most stressful for parents, who in this case desperately wanted to find some way to relieve her suffering quickly.

The doctors did not want to administer antibiotics for fear of harming the baby’s kidneys, so the parents decided to put some Precious Waters (TM) gel spray on her pacifier and in just one day the blisters went away and she was back in child care the following day.  Her mother supplied Harry a video of the baby singing with her the next day.

As always, no claims are made.  Just another happy coincidence.  Harry would like as many parents as possible to know about this, however, so they might experience the same happy coincidence if and when their baby contracts this painful virus.



There would seem to be no reason why nanosilver would be any less effective for kids than for adults, and it would seem logical that it should be just as harmless for them as it has been for adults.  I called Harry Watson to learn if any kids had taken it, and he could recall only one instance where a child had taken it internally.

A neighbor of Harry’s in CA a few years back had a beautiful baby girl, 2-1/2 years old, who had salmonella, with its attendant vomiting and diarrhea.  She’d had it for more than two days, and whatever the doctors had used to treat it didn’t seem to be effective.  They knocked on Harry’s door and asked if Precious Waters Nanosil 10 might help, and Harry gave them some.  They spooned just a little bit into her mouth, and the next day she was a lot better.

She later developed pinkeye, and her mother sprayed a bit of the Nanosilver gel on her finger and rubbed it across the child’s closed eyelid.  The next day she was fine.  Obviously, as always, no claims are made by Harry that the nanosilver was the cause of her getting better.  PW Nanosilver 10 is FDA approved only as an immune system support.

There is another instance of a 4-year-old boy badly burning his hand on and between the first finger and thumb when he put his hand on a hot outdoor camping grill and kept it there while he froze in fear.  His grandmother poured the nanosilver on it while he was screaming in intense pain, and in 20 minutes he was just whimpering.  The wound was left to the open air, and she poured more on occasionally.  By the morning he was much improved.  By the 4th day, she said you could not tell he had been burned.

This same woman took several of her grandchildren on a camping tour in a big recreational vehicle, and they all came down with what was probably a virus of some sort.  They were all vomiting  and had diarrhea.  Now usually adults catch such a virus too, as any parent of school-age children will attest.  In this case, though, she and her son-in-law, both of whom take PW Nanosil 10 regularly as a preventive, did not get sick.  She attributes that to the nanosilver.  Harry of course makes no claims.

Warts certainly are not the reason most people choose to use Precious Waters brand nanosilver, But here are two interesting events.

Wart Since High School

A man in his 60s in Peoria IL was taking nanosilver orally for other purposes.  Since high school he’d had a wart on the top of his head, and it hurt him every time he went too close to it with a comb.  It was the size of a quarter, maybe a bit larger, he said.  At any rate, as he continued to take the nanosilver, it disappeared.

Nanosil gel spray gets it done

Harry’s wife Donna had two warts.  One large one was on the back of her hand, between the thumb and forefinger.  When she took nanosilver internally it stopped growing but did not shrink.  But when she started to also apply the nanosil gel spray, which is specially formulated to penetrate into the skin, it shrunk up and sloughed off within 5 days.

The story was the same for another wart on her hip.  It was quite large both horizontally across the skin and vertically above it.  When  she started to apply the gel spray while also taking “nanosilver 10” internally, it too disappeared in about a week.

Since viruses cause warts, it makes sense

Of course this should not be surprising.  Silver kills infections from bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Since warts are largely believed to be cause by a virus, it stands to reason silver should kill them off.

Here is a “white paper” by Dr. Barasa Simon Situma of Kenya.  Four people apparently “cured” of HIV are being monitored for several months to see if the remain with no traceable viral load.  One of the  “agents” mentioned in the last paragraph is Precious Waters nanosilver.  Again, no claims made or implied for nanosilver, and there were drugs administered here, one at least which is pretty well known and powerful.


Simon Barasa-Situma – a Kenyan researcher reports success in providing HIV cure

Posted on May 13, 2013 – 1:35 pm

A Kenyan researcher, Dr. Simon Barasa-Situma of the Technical University of Kenya, has modified the world’s first recorded HIV “cure” and says it has worked effectively on four of his patients and  that another 18 currently under observation “are doing well”.

“Consecutive tests show they carry no virus, but we have to monitor them for at least six to 12 months to be sure they are free of HIV,” explained Barasa-Situma, during a presentation at the Second World Virology and Microbiology Conference in New York.

“I have demonstrated the HIV cure in two people by stopping rapid multiplication of CD4 progenitor cells in the bone marrow, where the HIV virus hides to avoid elimination by the immune system and thus achieved the first complete cure without bone marrow transplantation,” Barasa-Situma said.

His treatment, he says, is based on the world’s first known cure of HIV, that of Timothy Ray Brown, 47, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1995 and put on Antiretroviral drugs, but in 2006 developed leukaemia and, for this reason, was given a bone marrow transplant with a rare gene mutation that provides natural resistance to HIV.

“Removing the bone marrow, where the CD4 cells replicate, denied the virus the capacity to replicate and consequently the patient was free of HIV,” says  Barasa- Situma. Since the new bone marrow was resistant to the virus, the already existing bugs in circulation and from the secondary reservoirs — which include the brain, glands, intestines, and skin — could not create new hideouts, hence the ultimate eradication of the virus.

Bone marrow transplantation is a very expensive, specific, and dangerous procedure, which makes Brown’s treatment impossible to apply to the more than 30 million people with HIV. However, according to Barasa-Situma, purging the virus from some specific locations where it seems to hide is the way out.

“This means there is a reservoir in the body where the virus is hiding and where the Antiretroviral drugs are not able to reach. The hideout is in some parts of the bone marrow. Get rid of this reservoir and, theoretically, you are home and dry,” Barasa- Situma says, adding that he has achieved this using a method that comprises the use of a cancer drug (methotraxate) in combination with other agents. Two patients who have undergone the therapy, he adds, have shown no signs of the virus for the past six months.