Pennsylvania Man in his Mid-70s Free from Esophageal Cancer – Took Chemo, Radiation and Precious Waters ™ Nanosilver

A 75-year-old Pennsylvania man was diagnosed with esophageal adenocarcinoma cancer and heard about Precious Waters ™ nanosilver before starting chemotherapy and radiation. He started taking the nanosilver and baking soda (to make his system more alkaline) on February 12, 2017, and started four sessions of chemotherapy on February 20th, which lasted through March 31st. He also had 28 radiation treatments.

Fortunately, the adenocarcinoma version of esophageal cancer is easier to treat and in this case was still a tumor in the wall of the esophagus. Nevertheless, the surgeon recommended an operation that would involve fashioning an esophagus out of part of the stomach lining, which carries some significant risks, including infections and the reconstructed lining “falling apart.”

The man and his wife decided against the operation, and instead, when the chemo and radiation were complete, opted to have him simply take a small amount of the nanosilver along with baking soda in water every day. When they recently visited their gastroenterologist in May 2017, he remarked that “If you weren’t my patient, I wouldn’t know where to look for the cancer. There is no sign of it.”

The other doctors involved were quite surprised at the rapid improvement and this apparent total remission.  The natural assumption is that the chemotherapy and radiation worked well to eliminate the tumor. But the man and his wife believe that the nanosilver played a significant part in the remission and the rapid progress he made. It certainly did no harm! That is one reason they chose to stick with nanosilver and avoid the operations and related testing that they fear, correctly or not, might have caused more physical problems.

As for Harry and Donna Watson, no claims are ever made. If it just a coincidence that this man was taking nanosilver along with the chemo and radiation while he made rapid progress, that is of no concern. They are simply happy to share in the joy of this couple, who intend to have the man continue taking Precious Waters ™ nanosilver indefinitely.

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